Hypnotized by a Magician Kleio Valentien


Kleio Valentien gets caught up in a magicians hypnotizing trap and does some naughty things to herself in front of him. 30 min

Kleio says goodnight as the last customers leave the bar, she then collects a couple empty glasses and puts them on the bar/table and gets a drink.

Still standing Kleio gets her cigarettes from her bag and starts smoking. She’s tidying up and starts to check her phone. She calls her boyfriend.

Kleio tells her boyfriend that she has finished her shift and is running late as some fake hypnotist act they had on tonight over ran. Kleio says it was just the usual thing of people pretending to be hypnotized as everyone knows hypnosis isn’t real. She tells him to add to the night her boss left early as he wasn’t feeling well so she’s on her own and needs to lock up. She tells him she will be home soon, says goodbye and hangs up.

(scene switches to POV)))

The hypnotist enters the bar and watches Kleio for a brief time checking her out before Kleio notices and says “Oh, your hypnotist from earlier.”

Kleio finishes smoking and the hypnotist says she has just stopped by to collect his/her pay for the night. She says they are closed now and her boss has gone home. She apologizes and says he didn’t leave any money and asks her to come back tomorrow.

The Hypnotist says it’s ok as they didn’t think he would get time to leave it anyway. She then asks If Kleio has been left alone to close up.

Kleio says yes the other bar tender just left. The Hypnotist says that’s perfect, would she mind taking a look at this, pulls out a pendant and begins swinging it from side to side.

Kleio says it looks really pretty but what does it have to do with her. The hypnotist tells her she found it outside so can she look closely to see if she recognizes it. The hypnotist says it has a unique centre and if she looks hard and finds it then she is sure she’ll recognize it

Kleio keeps watching it and starts to tell her it’s nice but she doesn’t recog…….(her voice then slowly trails away) and she tiredly asks what is happening.

The hypnotist tells her shh and just let the pendant fill her vision. Hypnotist tells her to relax and if any thought enters her mind to just let it flow back out and away. Tells her the more she looks at the centre of the pendant the more relaxed she becomes. Tells her to think of nothing, just let her mind and body go she now wants to obey her she needs to obey her.

The hypnotist says now drop 10 times deeper. Hypnotist says it is always so easy.

The hypnotist tells her it has been a long day so she must be feeling tired. She then says that her eyes are getting heavy and she wants Kleio to count from 5 to 1 and when she reaches 1 she will fall into a deep sleep and be completely hypnotized and under his/her control. Kleio then counts down and her head falls forward and she goes to sleep.

The hypnotist then checks her out, asks if she can hear her and does she understand that she is now hypnotized and must obey (Kleio repeats yes I understand, hypnotized, must obey)

The hypnotist then tells her to open her eyes and look at her.

Hypnotist says that every time she hears her voice it will help her relax more and sink deeper. Hypnotist tells her that every time she obeys it will good and only serve to deepen his her control.

Hypnotist tells her that when she says sleep she will drop into a deep sleep……When she says obey she will instantly go into a hypnotic trance and obey….when she tells her to wake she will wake up refreshed and forget everything that happened under hypnosis apart from instructions.

While she is seeing the hypnotist out as Kleio is talking she tells her to sleep and she instantly goes to sleep…Hypnotist then wakes her and repeats this a couple more times

Hypnotist then wakes her and as she’s talking he says obey and she instantly drops into a trance staring forward. Hypnotist then repeats this a couple more times.

Hypnotist says to Kleio that she is going to have some fun with the city’s hottest bar tender and doesn’t one anyone getting suspicious and ruining their fun.

Hypnotist then ask if anyone is expecting her after she closes.

Hypnotist tells her she will call him and tell him something has come up and she will be home later. If he he asks anything to tell him everything is fine.

Kleio gets her phone and still in trance calls and tells her boyfriend she will be late. She says everything is fine and she will see him when she gets home. Once finished she is told to sleep.

Hypnotist checks Kleio out tucks the back of Kleio’s skirt behind her panties while saying she is going to test if everything is working and wakes her up.

Kleio wakes normally, doesn’t notice her skirt and apologizes for not having the money and tells her to come back tomorrow.

Hypnotist tells Kleio that as soon as she had seen he she liked her and just needed to get her alone so she could hypnotize her. Hypnotist says she had to hypnotize her boss to leave so they can get both him and her under their control.

Hypnotist then wakes Kleio normally and she is confused/surprised, asks what is going on and grabs her clothes but is then told to sleep and drops them back down.

Hypnotist then tells Kleio to relax and let herself go deeper and become more deeply hypnotized.

Kleio is then told to remove her top. Kleio still in trance removes her top and stands in her bra while she is checked out.

Hypnotist says now she finally has her they want to have a little fun before she changes her mind about a few things.

Hypnotist then tells Kleio to open her eyes, turn around and touch her toes. Kleio then bends over and hypnotist checks her out before being told to stand up again and put to sleep.

Kleio is told that she wants to get a good look at her so when she wakes she’ll model her outfit and talk slutty/tease her but when she hears a click she’ll go back into a trance.

Kleio then wakes normally and models/teases. Hypnotist randomly clicks her instantly in/out of trance at random points throughout.

After a short while hypnotist tells her to obey and she goes back into trance staring forward

Hypnotist then wakes Kleio normally again and she get her clothes and is told to obey this time and drops her clothes and goes into trance.

The hypnotist then wakes her normally and Kleio says she’s nearly done and they can go out in a minute.

Kleio gets a drink of water and starts to take a drink.

Hypnotist then says obey while she is drinking. She goes into an instant trance and drools the water all over herself.

Hypnotist tells her she needs to get out of her wet clothes and she will slowly strip naked. Kleio slowly strips in trance until she is naked.

Once naked she is checked out and then hypnotist wakes Kleio normally again. Kleio is shocked and then told to sleep. It is then repeated and this time told to obey.

Hypnotist says that when she wakes she’ll act normally, forget about everything that has just happened and not realize she’s in her underwear.

Kleio then wakes normally and is then put to sleep a few times in the middle of talking about closing/not having the money

Hypnotist then wakes Kleio normally and says obey while she talks and she goes into trance a few times.

Hypnotist says that Kleio looks sexy smoking and when Kleio wakes she will believe she is on a well deserved smoke break. She will not see the hypnotist until she speaks and she will not call anyone

The hypnotist then wakes Kleio normally and she gets her cigarettes and starts smoking while standing then after a while sitting

After a short while the Hypnotist then says hey and Kleio greats her and says she’s just on break and will be with her in a minute.

Hypnotist says that’s fine she just needs to go over a few things, Kleio says sure whats up.

She asks her how how long she has been with her boyfriend and are they happy. Kleio tells her they’ve been together a couple years and she couldn’t be hap….obey. Hypnotist says no you’re not you’re boyfriend has been cheating on you and it’s time to move on.

Hypnotist then wakes Kleio and she tells her it’s not working out with her boyfriend as he has been cheating, it’s time to move on and they are going to break up tonight.

Hypnotist says that she is sorry to hear that and would love to take her out. Kleio tells her that she is not interested in seeing anyone for a while bu……obey. Hypnotist says you would love to go out with me. Kleio responds: I would love to go out with you.

Hypnotist then wakes her normally, Kleio says that actually she’s changed her mind and would love to go out with her later.

Kleio then finishes smoking and the hypnotist says she knew she would change her mind and then puts her to sleep.

Hypnotist tells her that when she wakes she’ll be a slut and model and tease in her underwear. She wakes, talks dirty and models/teases while being snapped in/out of trance at random times.

At the end she tells Kleio to obey and she needs her to go even deeper under her control so she needs to let go and relax more.

Hypnotist now tells Kleio to remove her skirt and in trance she strips to her bra/panties while she then checks her out

Kleio is awoken normally again and is confused/surprised and then told to sleep. It is then repeated and this time told to obey.

Hypnotist checks her out then tells her to take a seat and puts her to sleep.

Hypnotist tells Kleio that for being a good girl she deserves some pleasure.

Hypnotist tells her to sit up open her eyes, spread her leg and drop deeper and deeper. Kleio then opens her legs and begins to drool.

Hypnotist then tells her when she wakes she will be overcome wit a desire to masturbate.

Hypnotist then wakes her and she begins masturbating while in trance.

After a short while the hypnotist tells her she’s a good girl and just needs to let go. Kleio then energetically masturbates until she cums.

Hypnotist tells her to sleep and checks her out.

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