Adriana Chechik Mesmerizes Her Friends Mom


Adriana Chechik finds her friends mom home alone and seduces her into sex and foot worship through mesmerization. 37 min

In Scene 1, student Adriana met with her Psychology professor India Summer about her thesis.  During their meeting, Adriana used her eyes, voice, and foot massage to gain control over her professor in order to get out of academic trouble. Professor Summer is also a practicing Psychologist, and in scene 2, Adriana met with her for a therapy session, with similar results.  In Scene 3, Young lady Adriana is dropping by to visit her best friend, only to find India lounging after a week of work and her bff off on an overnight trip; Adriana had the date wrong (or did she?).  Adriana now plans to hypnotize and seduce her milfy crush India.  

India is lounging shoe less after a long day at the office with her legs stretched out across the sofa.  Adriana enters, slips her own shoes off, and sits with her, close enough that she takes India's legs and feet into her lap. Over the course of their initial greeting, Adriana begins caressing India's feet and legs, slowly, innocently– at first…

AC: Knock knock.   Anybody home?

IS: Come in!  

AC: Hi Mrs. Summer!  How are you?

IS: Hi Adriana!  What are you up to?

AC: Oh not much.  I'm looking for your daughter. We had plans I thought.

Adriana sits down, picking up India's feet and placing them in her lap.  India makes a quizzical look, but says nothing.

IS: Well she's not here.  She is actually out of town for an overnight trip.  She won't be back until tomorrow.

AC: I can't believe I got the date wrong.  I hate doing that.

IS: Why don't you stay for dinner?  No need driving home now.  The traffic is unbearable.

AC: That's a great idea; we’ll have a chance to visit. Thank you!

AC: So how are things with you Mrs. Summer?

IS: Ade, you can call me India.  Please.

AC: Okay.  India.  That's so weird.  Anyway, how's it going?

IS: Fine, Fine.  I was just unwinding after work.  Feels good to get off my feet for a bit.

Adriana's hands are resting on India's legs and feet as they talk.  The conversation continues, and Adriana's hands innocently caress India's feet as they chat.  Over time, this massage will sooth India into a state of deep relaxation, and she will be more vulnerable to the hypnosis.

AC: I know!  You don't know how hard you've worked until you get home and sit down that first time, right?

IS: You are so right.  I was reading this magazine, starting to think about dinner.

She takes a foot in two hands, slowly, firmly squeezing, twisting each hand inward, then outward, kneading India's sole with her thumbs. India won’t acknowledge it for some reason; she clearly enjoys it though…

Adriana's caresses have become more like a good foot massage.  Her fingers go from heel to toe and back again.  They follow the arches, squeezing and rubbing.  Her thumb traces up and down, up and down.  India's eyes reveal that she is a little taken aback, that Adriana is getting close to an imaginary line, but it feels good, and Adriana is her daughter's friend…India doesn't say anything.  The massage continues…

AC: What are you thinking? For dinner?

IS: If I cook, I'll need to get started soon.  You have any thoughts?

AC: I know there's a good takeout a couple of minutes away.

IS: Oh yeah.  That would be amazing.  

AC: Perfect!  I'll use the app to order and hop over to pick it up in a bit.

The girls continue chatting.  Clearly being affected by the ongoing foot massage, India is trying to resolve the inappropriateness of Adriana's actions against the wonderful feeling of the massage and the slowly growing sense of desire she is avoiding…

IS: So how is school going?

AC: Oh it's fine.  I'm a Psych major, so there's a lot of lecture and research.  

IS: That’s right you are! You know, I thought about becoming a Psych major. Even taught about teaching and practicing.

Adriana’s caressing hands glide over India’s feet, then up her legs and back down, a little farther up each time…

AC (smiling): I didn’t know that.

IS: Yep. I never followed through with it. Is it boring then?

AC: Definitely sometimes.  But there are some fascinating topics here and there.

IS: Like what?

AC: Well everyone always says Abnormal Psych. But I have been researching mesmerism and hypnosis as an independent study. So interesting!

IS: Did you learn this in your classes?

AC: What? The foot-rub? No, this is all me.

IS: Well it feels amazing, but I think it’s inappropriate.

Adriana’s hands slide up to the bottom of India’s skirt, and back down. Up again, just inside it and back down to focus on her feet.

AC: Why do you mean? Do you feel uncomfortable?

IS: I think someone your age shouldn’t be doing something like this with someone my age.

AC: Do you think I’m coming onto you?

Adriana has not stopped rubbing

IS (nervous): Are you?

AC: Of course not! I don’t even know why I started doing this. We were chatting and your feet were in my lap. I had to do something with my hands. That’s all it is.

IS: Okay. I can’t imagine Bunny walking in and seeing this. Embarassing.

AC: Oh she wouldn’t mind.

The massage is turning India on and yet she can’t believe Adriana is not getting her hints to stop. She decides to change the subject…

IS: Let’s talk about something else. What else are you studying?

AC: I’m glad you asked. I’m taking a Reflexology course as well. It’s a Beginner’s course, but I am learning so much.

IS: Like what?

AC: Well for starters, I know this spot (touches a place on India’s foot and rubs it) is for your heart.

IS: Ooohh.

AC: And this (touches another spot firmly) is your pancreas.

IS: Aha. Okay I see…

AC: And this (touches a third spot) is your lower back…

Adriana smiles at India and touches a fourth spot, her fingers lingering there…

AC: I probably don’t need to tell you what this spot connects to…

A wave of pleasure washes over India. She decides to tell her to stop. India admits how much she really needed the massage and tries to get Adriana to stop but Adriana responds by raising India's foot to her lips and licking it from heel to toe a few times, slowly and seductively.  India laughs weakly and asks Adriana what she is doing.  

Adriana tells India that she has been wanting to get her hands on India for a while and it was really lucky that India's daughter was out of town for a few days.  India, slowly realizing what is happening, asks Adriana if she planned to seduce her when she came over.  Adriana smiles, gazing at India as she continues to seductively lick, nibble, kiss and bite India's pantyhose feet.  

India sits helplessly, feeling frustrated, at first weakly begging Adriana to stop.  But as the massage continues, and she gazes into Adriana's beautiful eyes, her "daze" develops into a hypnotic trance.  The worship continues…

Adriana tells India that she just loves her pantyhose feet.  India says she knows what Adriana means, but Adriana is a little young to be doing that.  India also reminds Adriana that she is straight.  Adriana asks India if it doesn't feel good, and India admits that it feels very, very good.  Adriana's hands focus on the heel, sole; her thumbs rub the ball of India's foot, and she asks India if she wants Adriana to stop.  India smiles with pleasure and tells Adriana she can keep rubbing for a little while…

As she continues, Adriana's hand creeps up India's leg and back down, slowly and seductively, then returning to her feet…and India is really appreciating the attention… India smiles as she chats, and the massage soothes her aching feet and legs… India's eyes meet Adriana's, and smiling, they gaze at each other for a while as the massage continues…

Adriana gazes into India’s eyes and tells India to relax.  Relax…RE-laxxxx…RELAXXXX…To let the worries and stresses of the day just run down her body and out through her legs and out of the soles of her feet.  India begins to breath deeply, sighing with pleasure, and drift into a daze…The massage continues…

After she has worshipped India for a while, Adriana sits up and brings India in close.  India is still weakly trying to fight it, but Adriana is caressing her face, and neck, down to her chest and back up.  Adriana runs her hands through India's hair and holds her head and face in a pose that forces India to gaze into Adriana's face. Adriana tells India to look deeper into her eyes…Deeper.  DEEPER…and India does, going deeper into her hypnotic trance…

As she is caressing India's neck, face, running her fingers through India's hair, Adriana confesses to India that she was planning this for a while, but she was nervous to finally make her move.  India, falling deeply into her lustful trance, tells Adriana that she is so glad Adriana did.  Adriana smiles and leans in for a kiss.  India is powerless to resist, and the two spend a while kissing.  Adriana giggles once or twice, giddy to finally seduce her friend's mother.  India is enchanted, smiling playfully, entranced, doing only what she is commanded, and sighing with pleasure as she falls deeper…

Adriana kisses India and instructs her helpless doll to worship Adriana's feet.  India begins by slowly and seductively massaging Adriana's pantyhose feet.  But soon she is licking, nibbling, kissing and biting her young mistress's feet.  Adriana moans with pleasure, lays back with a heavenly smile on her face as India does as she is commanded…This goes on for a while…

After a while, India and Adriana are sitting in an embrace, softly kissing and caressing.  Adriana tells India that she is going to count back from five and bring India out of her trance. When she wakes, India will not remember anything they've been doing.  India says she understands.  They nuzzle a little more, India slides back to her position on the sofa with Adriana rubbing her feet,  and Adriana counts: Five, Four, Three, Two, One.

India comes out of her trance, still relaxed.  India thanks Adriana for the mini-massage and says that she is going to change and get started on dinner.  India gets up and heads to the bedroom…

In the bedroom, India undresses down to nothing but her pantyhose.  At that moment, Adriana walks in, just as naked, with a seductive smile on her face.  India begins to tell Adriana she can't be in her room, that she is still changing, but Adriana is having none of it.  Adriana puts one hand on India's waist, one hand behind India's head grabbing India's hair and firmly pulls India in close.  India tells Adriana to put her clothes on and go wait for dinner, and Adriana responds by lovingly kissing India.  India tells Adriana she can't do this (weakly), but she cannot stop Adriana from kissing her.  After a few moments, India is entranced, and is kissing Adriana back.  Both women stand embracing, caressing, kissing for a bit…

Adriana asks India if she likes this.  India says she does; India admits she has had a crush on Adriana since her daughter first brought Adriana around.  Kissing slowly and passionately, the women get on the bed for 12-15 more minutes of loving, breast and body and foot worship… then make sweet love down by the fire…