Alina West Foot Worship


Sexy Alina has on the most perfect white heels – perfect enough to wrap around her mans member and give him a hot footjob. These two have snuck down to the basement where Alina starts to worship his feet, licking and kissing them all over, licking his toes and sticking all of them in her mouth at the same time. 30 min



Alina starts out with a nice, sensual foot massage, rubbing and massaging his feet while he sits back and enjoys the foot worship. She starts licking his feet, toes and soles, paying special attention to them like only she can.

Alina then lays on the floor on her back, pushing out her tongue as he runs the bottoms of his feet up and down her tongue like a paint roller. She’s loving it and shows her appreciation of his feet by pushing her tongue out further.

Time for the main event, she climbs back on the couch and begins stroking his cock with her high heels, building up the tension as he is dying to cum. She removes her shoes 1/2 way through and finishes him off with a bare footjob. She jerks him until he cums on his feet and she happily licks it up!