Jay’s Nerdy Revenge on Cali


Nerdy bookworm Jay is sick and tired of being harassed by her neighbor. Cali comes over all the time making fun of her but for Jay, it's time this ends. Heavy foot fetish theme. 25 min


Custom damsel in distress fetish video. Jay is an ordinary woman who is always getting picked on. Her neighbor Cali has been verbally abusing her ever since she moved into the neighborhood. She has been the constant target of bullying and it’s pushed her to her breaking point.

Jay is seen sitting on the couch reading a book minding her own business. We hear the door open and we see Cali who is wholly arrogant approaching her. She wastes no time insulting Jay calling her “ugly dork” and other insulting names. The name calling went on for a few minutes. Then she has the audacity to demand that Jay pay her $100 to stop the verbal bashing. Jay had to pay a few times hoping it will permanently end, it’s now obvious that this is Cali’s clever way of making money off her. Its ends today!

Having enough of Cali’s bullying and verbal bashing, Jay says that she’s has had enough and tells her to take her sweater, top and sneakers off and sit down on the sofa. Laughing at this request and her feeble attempt at trying to order her around, Cali tells her to go to hell. Jay pounces on Cali and wrestles her to the ground. Shocked at this, Cali tries to escape but she has been wrestled and pinned to the ground, screaming at Jay to let her go.

Jay tells Cali that she’s had enough of her bullying and it’s time to teach her a lesson. She wrestles Cali all over the floor, pinning her and giving her a human blanket. Cali tries to tap out, screaming at her to stop.

Jay lets her go and gets up as Cali backs away from her, now concerned. Jay asks if she will finally comply with her command and remove her top and sneakers. Cali says she is crazy and she is not doing it. Big Mistake. She is wrestled to the ground and pinned again. Jay is dominating her all over the floor, not giving Cali a chance to gain her composure. Now Cali is begging her to stop. On top, Jay tells her she is having fun and this is only the beginning.

Complying, Cali crawls next to the bed on her knees as ordered. Jay is going to make sure that she learns that bullying is bad and the ramifications behind it. Cali is told that for the next 45 days she is going to be serving as a topless maid. She is going to be topless, wearing tight jeans in socks and her role is going to be cleaning the house, cooking and sexually pleasing Jay. .

After 45 days, she will be free to leave and will be forgiven. Jay warns her going forward that anytime she finds out Cali been bullying anyone in the neighborhood she will bring her back here kick her ass and make her maid for another 45 days. She asked if she understood, whimpering and crying not wanting to be wrestled again Cali nodded in compliance. Jay gives Cali an apron that ties around the waist and orders her to put it on.