Wetlook Shower Sex Cali Carter Bailey Brooke


Cali and Bailey have finished their workout together and have come inside to shower. Cali suggests that they shower together to save time and.. you know… they do it. 32 min


During their workout, Cali became more and more aware that her little sister is no longer a scrawny little girl, but has become a beautiful and very sexy 20 year old. Unable to resist the new thoughts coursing through her brain, Cali can’t help herself and puts the moves on her little sister. Plenty of kissing, breast and body worship, and fully explicit lesbian sex (including oral, finger penetration and tribbing, with them eventually getting completely naked in the second half of the scene) follows, as a very nervous and unsure Bailey is brought to the realization that sex with her own sister is the best sex she’s ever had, and she gives back as good as she’s receive before their little “under the rain” escapade is over, with the thrill of sex outside under the falling water (and the chance that they could be seen by a neighbor) adding to their willingness to let their inhibitions go. In the end, the two decide that they should both just stay in, where they are at Cali’s, and spend the rest of the night getting to know each other in a way they’ve never done before.

Cali is still dominant and somewhat aggressive. Bailey is very nervous, as the situation has turned into something completely unexpected and she is, of course, very uncomfortable with what Cali’s doing to her. She tries to deny Cali any satisfaction, even attempting to leave the bathroom before things went too far, but she finds she simply can’t fight, as her willpower to resist the incredibly powerful pull of her older sister’s sexuality and sensuality (not to mention Cali’s surprising skill at seducing other women, something about which Bailey was previously unaware) prove to be too much for the younger girl. Bailey gives in, and the sisters share a wild time in the shower.