Custom medical fetish video - Jay Taylor and Cali Carter
Jay has an exam in a fetish video with medical themeDr Cali checks Jays femoral pulse in a custom medical fetish videoJay is nervous as she gets her medical exam in a custom videoDr Cali checks Jays lungs in this realistic medical fetish videoDr Cali takes Jays blood pressure in a realistic medical fetish videoCustom Medical Fetish video - Jay Taylor and Cali Carter

Medical Fetish – Jay’s Heart Exam


Jay has an appointment to see Dr Carter for a heart exam and is left feeling confused and excited. 8:30

Sample Clip


Custom medical fetish scene with Cali Carter and Jay Taylor. Jay has come to the Dr to get a complete heart exam. She is about to get certified as a riding instructor and needed a physical before she can get it.


She sits on the exam table, looking around curiously. She is girl-next-door nerdy in her clear-framed glasses, T- shirt, jean shorts and tennis shoes.


Dr Carter acts professionally and uses proper medical technique and language. Her tone is warm. She enters wearing a stethoscope.


The medical exam is comprised of the following techniques:
– Wrist and neck pulses
– Blood Pressure
– Lung Exam
– Heart Palpation (feeling)
– Heart Auscultation (listening)
– Abdomen Exam
– Femoral Pulse (in groin)


Jay and Dr Carter chi-chat about the weather a little as the doctor quickly takes Jay’s wrist pulse, then her neck pulse, then her blood pressure and says “All normal. Now I’m going to listen
to your lungs. Go ahead and take your shirt off.”


Jay peels her shirt off, revealing a cotton bra. The doctor listens to Jay’s lungs in the back. Jay breathes deeply.


“Lungs sound fine. Now I’m going to examine your heart. Since this is a thorough physical, I’ll actually need you to take off your bra.”


“Okie dokes”, says Jay.


Jay slips off her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts.


With Jay seated, the doctor listens carefully to the 5 heart sites: aortic, pulmonic, Erb’s point, tricuspid, mitral. Jay leans forward. The doctor palpates her PMI under her left breast, finding where her heart beats strongest.