Supergirl Mesmerized by Villain


SuperGirl Cali Carter is stalking a wanted criminal and has found her lair. Super villain Riley discovers her and mesmerizes her into submission. 11 min

Riley – Well what is going on here?
Cali – Oh gosh I am so sorry. This is awkward. I swore this was my friends new apartment. Is this not room 347?
Riley – Nope you’re off by about two floors. You must be awfully tired from going up the stairs with the elevator off.
Cali – Well I skipped cardio a few days ago so this was nice. Again I’m so sorry for this. I’ll just head out.
Riley – No, no. I don’ think that is going to be possible. You look so tired.
(Riley takes off her jacket and lets her hair down.)
Riley – Why just look at you now. So tired.

Cali begins to feel the tiredness hit her. She tries to shake it off but Riley’s words wash over her. She sits down on the couch as Riley moves next to her. She tells Cali how tired she is and how hazy her mind is starting to get. Cali does her best to shake it off but she can’t seem to fight it. Riley then begins to ask Cali to tell her the truth.

Riley – Now tell me what you’re doing here.
Cali – I’m looking for info on a spy. A highly dangerous one.
Riley is surprised someone is looking for her but doesn’t care. She then begins to tell Cali she will have no memory of having this assignment. That she won’t remember anything from this day. Cali repeats that she has no memory of this event and can’t remember what she’s doing there. Cali tries to stand but can’t. Riley tells her to just drift into sleep and that her words are driving her deeper and deeper to sleep. cali then falls asleep.
Riley – Need to tell Kyle about this.

Riley leaves a sleeping Cali. Cali then wakes up confused where she is and what she’s doing. She changes into Supergirl and looks around. Riley returns stunned to see a SuperCali. Cali tells her she is going to jail, but Riley has a surprise.

She removes a pendant that makes Supergirl feel weak. She swings it in front of Supergirl and also feels her up. Supergirl tries to fight but is unable to. Riley places the pendant around her neck and has Supergirl sit down. She strokes Supergirls face and has her cuddle with her.

The two kiss but Supergirl snaps out of it. She attempts to leave but Riley uses her eyes and her voice to have Supergirl relax and sit back down. She uses her powers to have Supergirl say she loves Kyle and will work for iftachff@gmail.comhim. The video ends with Supergirl being put to sleep on the couch and left.