Hypno Step Sister Cali Carter


Cali Carter stars as Jeremy's stepsister. She has been hypnotically taken over and is powerless and made to do things to herself. 23 min

Cali walks into the view of the POV absolutely oozing sex appeal, with a condescending look on her face. "What are you doing in here? Another science project? You’re so weird…" Cali then gets a confused look on her face. "What….are….you…doing to me?"

Cali's expression changes from confused to one of blissful mindlessness; the programming is taking effect. In a dreamy voice: "Yes Master, your wish is my command. I live to serve you." Cali then strips down to her underwear and stands there tranced, heavy eye roll and drooling.

"The only thoughts in my head are to please you Master. I am your slave." She pulls her tits out without taking off her bra yet, and rubs them seductively. "These tits are all yours Master." Cali drools on her tits while rubbing them until the program changes.

The programming changes here to the "obsessed bimbo" stage. Her expression should change from tranced and mindless to horny and bubbly. "Oh yes, im your perfect little fuckdoll!" Cali should then strip off her underwear seductively, tossing her hair and giggling while she does so. When she takes off her bra she should bounce, grope, and shake her tits for a moment. "Im such a slut for you! You can just use me like a little whore!"

Cali should continue to strip and declare her devotion until she is completely naked. "The only thoughts in this silly head are of pleasing you!" She should then show off her naked body while begging me to fuck her. "What are you waiting for? This perfect body is all yours!"

The programming will be interupted in this minute; Cali will come to her senses briefly. "What the fuck is going on! Why the fuck am I naked!" The programming retakes effect and Cali is back in bimbo mode.

Cali should continue to sway seductively, show off her body, and act like a total ditzy bimbo until the program change "All the guys at school want me so bad, but they dont know my body belongs to you

The program changes here into its final phase; "desperate cumslave." Cali should change demeanor from bimbo to pornstar/stripper, moaning and sighing and begging to be fucked like a dog in heat. "Please hurry up and fuck me Master! You own this pussy and it is throbbing for your perfect cock!"

Cali continues to beg and moan like a desperate whore; rubbing her tits and shaking her ass while doing so. "You can just use me like a cheap whore Master! I'm all yours!"

Cali's lust becomes too much to bear as she collapses on the ground into doggy position (facing towards the camera at an angle so her face and body can be seen) and starts to hump and gyrate her hips furiously. "I've been such a good little slave for you Master, can I please taste your cock now?"

Cali continues to grind her ass up and down until she "sees" me pull out my cock and gives a squeal of excitement. "Oh yes! Thank you Master I promise I won't dissapoint you." She then crawls fast
and excitedly over to the camera and grabs the dildo.

Cali reaches the camera and sticks her tongue far out. "Please let me taste your cock Master, your perfect fuckdoll wants to drink your cum." She grabs the dildo and gives a super sloppy BJ that I know Cali is more than capable of. Lots of spit/drool, gagging, eye rolling, and dirty talk.

Cali continues to give extremely sloppy and rapid head to the dildo. "I want you to use me Master, I'm craving your hot load down my throat"

Cali feels that an orgasm is close so she begins to beg for cum like a woman possessed. Eyes and mouth as wide as possible, slobbering and saying "aaah" between the begging.

Cumshot baby! Cali should take the load all over her face while squealing with joy and graciously thanking you for your load. Video should end with a zoom out of Cali on her knees with cum on her face, tranced out and mindless until the next time I decide to use her.