Pornstar Balloon Races: The Sit-Pop Olympics


Pornstar Balloon Races feature Sasha Heart, Jay Taylor, Sarah Vandella and Cali Carter in a wild and fun competition to pop all the balloons with their sexy asses! But there are some rules….and messy consequences for screwing up! Jessica Ryan officiates the madness. 26 min


Pornstar Balloon Races

Team Red: Sasha Heart & Sarah Vandella
Team Blue: Cali Carter & Jay Taylor

Announcer: Jessica Ryan

“Welcome back to the Balloon Olympics. For our next competition – we have the Balloon Bottom Relay Race. Before we get to the rules, let’s meet our contestants.

“For the Red Team, we have Sasha Heart & Sarah Vandella: “Do you like popping balloons?” “Do you think you will win?”

For the Blue Team, we have Cali Carter & Jay Taylor: “Any words for the other team?” “What have you done to prepare for the event?”

Jessica explains & demonstrates the rules:
“This game is all about popping these colorful, round, balloons with your sexy bottoms. I will demonstrate and explain the rules for you”:

Jessica explains the rules while traversing the course:

To start, one member from each team runs to the mid point popping station where you’ll grab a 17” balloon and sit pop it (25 per team). PLEASE NOTE: no hands or fingernails can be used – only your bum!

Then you are to run to the bounce house & grab a 24″ balloon…waddle/hop back to start…and sit pop it at the popping station (25 per team)
If you lose or pop a balloon from the bounce house along the way, you have to turn around…run back to the bounce house…and grab a white, air-filled balloon. You don’t need to waddle or hop back with it, simply run to the “penalty pop station” & sit to pop it.

Then you alternate/tag team with your other teammate and she does the same routine, until all 50 of your team’s balloons are popped.

Lastly BOTH team members head to the bounce house and grab one of the jumbo 36″. You can carry it to the popping station and BOTH team members can bounce and sit to pop it together. The first team to pop all 50 of their balloons AND a glorious air filled 36” balloon, WINS THE RACE!!!

“Any questions? Red Team are you ready to pop some balloons? Blue Team, are you ready to pop some balloons? Okay, let’s get to it – Poppers take your marks, get set, GO!”