Batgirl is Hypnotised!


Batgirl Cali Carter is searching undercover for an international spy and has found her secret lair. The criminal gets the jump on her and hypnotizes her into submission. 7 min


The superheroine in her alter ego is looking for information on a spy. As she looks around the spy enters and tells the heroine she won’t remember what she is doing and why she is there. Easily the spy puts the heroine into trance, and has her asleep on the couch. The spy leaves and the heroine wakes up confused as to where she is and what she is doing.

She changes into her superheroine costume and the spy returns stunned there is a hero at her place. The spy uses her pendant which makes the heroine weak, and has her sit back down on the couch. She puts the pendant around the heroine and uses her eyes to put the heroine into trance telling her she is now evil and works for her.