Cali Carter Tushy Talk


Cali Carter has a cute words fetish and she can't stop saying tushie, boobies and hiney. While she says these things, she's rubbing baby oil all over her hiney and boobies. 9 min


Fetish: ,

Cali starts the scene topless with only her panties covering her tushie. She slowly peels them off and talks about how much her boobies and hiney need to be oiled up. She talks more about what she plans to do and brings out the oil. She squirts the oil on her boobies and starts to rub it in, caressing and tickling herself with her fingertips. She sprays the oil onto her hiney and rubs it into her beautiful derriere. She is now all shiny and oily, talking about her boobies and tushie and how cute they are now that they’re all oiled up.