Candleboxxx Toothbrush Interrogation


Extremely ticklish and beautiful FBI Agent Candle has been abducted by the notorious serial killer – BTT (Bind, Torture, Tickle) and brought to his secret lair for some serious feet tickling. 15:42


The foot fetish scene opens with a reveal that our villain has taken his prisoner to a secret location. He carefully ties the FBI agent up to make sure she won’t get away and rolls up her pant legs to expose her knee-high stocking feet while she is still unconscious. He is ready to begin his torture on her exposed foot, first with one boot on. He meticulously runs his fingers under her foot for any signs that she might awaken. He takes off the other boot very slowly and starts to tickle both feet with his fingers.

She finally wakes up and the real torture begins! The serial killer gets out his weapon of choice – an electric toothbrush! NO!! Not the toothbrush!! He starts his relentless tickling on both her feet, taking off one stocking to see which is worse – the stocking or just bare feet. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants….will Candle break and give him the information he seeks?