Kymberly Jane Homewrecking Gold Digger


A sexy gold digging neighbor chose the wrong house to seduce a married man only to be confronted by his wife and ends up paying the consequences. 11 min

Custom video with Kymberly Jane. There is a knock on the door and Becky slowly comes in. She introduces herself as “Becky” the new neighbor who moved in the neighborhood and asks to come in. Becky is asked to remove her sneakers and put them right by the door.

Making herself comfortable, she bluntly states that the reason why she came over is because she learned that you are a self-made millionaire and ask that you leave your wife and come home with her. She would make the perfect wife and would do anything to get with you and help you spend your money. She begins to seduce you and starts to talk real dirty. Begging and pleading with you to leave with her, she says she would do anything for you – up to becoming your sex slave. Taking her top off she begins playing with her breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples very hard. She takes oil and squirts it all over her breasts and topless body, making it glisten.

Kymberly continues to plead her care as to why you should leave your wife and come home with her – suddenly your wife arrives and the POV switches to her. Startled and scared, Kymberly explains while trying to find her top — which she cannot find — that she just came by introducing herself to ask for some sugar. Not believing her, as the wife approaches she holds up her hands in defense, begging and pleading screaming no.

As she comes to, she notices that she is bound. Horrified, Kymberly asks why she is tied up. She begs and pleads with the wife to let her go. Her cries go unheard as she is dragged into the bedroom, never to be seen again.