Birthday Party Massacre


Three uninvited guests crash the birthday party of a spoiled princess and ruin everything in sight, ending in a massive wet and messy, foot worshipping extravaganza. EPIC destruction starring Casey Calvert, Kymberly Jane, Riley Reyes, Charlotte Cross, Kat Monroe! 100 min

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Kym, Charlotte and Kat are chatting and giggling as they approach Casey’s villa. They knock on the door but nobody answers. Charlotte discovers that the front door is slightly open so they walk in and see all of the festivities laid out. Dozens of cakes, a food and drink buffet, tons of presents, inflatables and a bounce house. They take off their shoes and run for the bounce house, leaving their shoes behind.

Suddenly, Casey comes running out of the house to take the uninvited guests to task. She unplugs the bounce house to end their fun. An argument ensues.

Kat: Fine Casey, just bring us our shoes and we’ll leave

Casey: Get your own shoes!

Charlotte: Listen Casey, you are the one dressed in a maid costume, so if you want us to leave, you better get us our shoes

The girls giggle as Casey leaves, cursing.

Casey returns with the shoes and the girls put them on. Instead of leaving, Kym pushes Casey to the ground on the grass. Casey is lying on her back and Kym sits on her. Casey starts to complain but Kym cuts her off—

Kym: Casey, you do exactly what we tell you to do, otherwise you’ll be in serious trouble.

Kym takes off her shoes and forces her to sniff them. Casey turns her head away in disgust.

Kym: I know how much you love the sweet aroma of my feet“ The girls laugh.

Kym puts both her feet on Casey‘s face and buries Casey’s face under the soles of her socks.

Kym: Sniff my socks! I hope they didn‘t get too dirty when walking around in the garden“ and laughs.

Casey is still not cooperative

Kat: How much is one of these expensive looking model cars? We know that you are quite a collector.

Casey: Over $500

Charlotte: Well then you better sniff Kym‘s socks now or we will slightly modify them

Casey: What do you mean?

Casey starts to inhale the scent of Kym‘s socks. Kym gets uncomfortable sitting on Casey. She grabs an inflatable chair, puts it next to Casey’s face, has a seat and puts her feet back on Casey’s face.

Casey isn’t showing much effort, so Kym instructs Kat and Charlotte to grab a model car from the table and put it on the ground. Then they both step on it and start crushing the car with their shoes. Casey turns her head away in shock

Kym: See, that is happening if you don‘t do what we tell you to do.

The girls laugh.

Casey shouts: You fucking bitch…you will pay for this

Kym: What did you call me? Bitch? Ok girls, destroy the cars!

Charlotte: My pleasure!

Charlotte & Kat joyfully start collecting all of the cars… Meanwhile, Kym demands Casey to take of her socks with her mouth, rips open the stockings at her feet and worships her bare feet. It really turns Kym on…running hands over body, crotch etc.

Kym: Girls, it would really turn me on if you would crush that super fucking expensive guitar now

Charlotte: That’s so hot.

Kat picks up the guitar.

Casey: Don‘t you even dare

Charlotte: But crushing the cars was sooo much fun. (she laughs)

Charlotte & Kat then ram the heels of their shoes into the guitar and crush it while Kym gets turned on, running her hands over her body. Suddenly, they hear another party guest arrive.

Kat: I’ll see who it is

Kym & Charlotte are still crushing cars… Shortly after, Kat returns with Riley, Casey’s first birthday guest, holding her by the nape of her neck so Riley can’t escape.

Kat: Look who we have here! I am sure she would love to join us

Riley: What‘s going on here

Kym: As you can see, we are already celebrating Casey’s birthday…

Casey: Better do what they tell you to do or they will ruin my whole party.

Kym says: Damn right! As you can see Riley, I need some new stockings, so get us all the most expensive ones from Casey’s room. And also don‘t forget to bring some more pairs of her most expensive white socks and all her valuable model car collectibles and guitars.

Riley runs away to collect the items as Casey has to continue worshiping Kym‘s feet. Just before Riley is back, Kym secretly fetches scissors from the buffet table, as Kat and Charlotte offer Casey to sit on the inflatable chair, as it’s her turn to be worshipped now. Casey has a seat and Kat gives her a little neck massage, while Charlotte kneels down to admire the super expensive new strap high heels, which Casey is wearing.

Charlotte: They must have been super expensive

Casey: Yes, over $1000…something you will never be able to afford.

Riley returns with the items. Kym demands Riley to brush all the broken plastic and guitar remains to a pile with a broom then hands Charlotte one of the pairs of scissors. Kym then kneels down next to Charlotte and takes one of Caseys feet.

Kym says: I think, your shoes have to go, Casey

Kym laughs and starts to cut off all the straps of Casey‘s heel.

Charlotte: I totally agree

Casey says: Yeah, go for it girls…I’m actually starting to get really turned on by this

Casey starts to caress her body. Once Casey‘s shoes are shreds, Kat demands Riley to put the remains on the trash pile as well. Now Charlotte‘s turn to sit on Casey. She forces Casey down on the grass again, makes her take off her boots and sniff her socks.


Kym gets dressed with new stockings, her socks and buffalos, while Riley is lying down next to the trash pile to feed Kat with new crush items. Kym joins Kat on the crush action. Charlotte has a seat in the inflatable chair, forces Casey to remove her socks, rips open her stockings and then worship her bare feet. Charlotte puts on new pantyhose, socks and her boots and joins Kym on the crush action while Riley feeds the girls with new crush material.

In the end, Riley has to brush all the broken things to the already existing scrap pile, while Kat is dressing with new pantyhose, socks and her boots. Once all girls are perfectly dressed again, Kat suggests they look at the buffet table. All of the girls including Riley and Casey are into it now. They find a lovely decorated table with dishes, cakes, fruit, chips, cookies, fruit punch and other goodies.

Charlotte: What about some hot table dance action, Kym

The other girls shout: Yeah Kym, go for it“.

While the other girls step away from the table to have a full view, Kym walks around the table while tasting some food. she accidentally hits a stack of glasses, which fall down to the ground and break. She mischievously smiles at the other girls

Kat and Casey help Kym on the table, then step back to the group. Kym starts to perform dancing on the table, crushing all the food and pushing the dishes from the table, while the other girls cheer her.

She pushes some of the larger plate and glass stacks of the table. Casey demands excitedly: All of it!

Kym pushes the rest of the dishes from the table to the amusement of all involved.

The girls decide that they will do a cake catwalk.

Kym sits down on an inflatable chair, while Casey and Riley have to lay in front of the chair on their backs and lick the crushed food from Kym’s Buffalos. They take off Kyms Buffalos, sniff her socks and rip open her nylons to worship her bare feet.
Charlotte and Kat line up 6 cakes in a row next to the girls and perform an erotic catwalk in their boots.

Then they walk over to Kym’s chair, Kym gets up to grab the other inflatable chair and puts it next to the first one. Now Charlotte and Kat can both sit down and demand their boots to be licked clean by Casey and Riley. Kym puts on new stockings and her socks again. Then she slowly walks to the cake buffet and picks 2 cream pies and returns to the girls. Charlotte and Kat already know what’s coming, and demand Casey and Riley to remove their boots.

Kym: since you’re still so hungry, I thought I’d do you a favor and bring you 2 pies“.

Riley says: Oh, that’s so nice of you

Riley and Casey stand up and put on new pantyhose. All Girls rip open each others nylons at their feet and perform a catwalk over 12 cakes. Then Kat and Charlotte kneel on the raft and force Casey and Riley to lick their feet clean.

Kym forces them to drink juice out of their pumps while she rips open the pantyhose of all girls at their asses, grabs 4 pies and pies their butts. Then destroys Casey & Riley’s pumps completely with scissors.

Everyone puts on new stockings/pantyhose. Kat and Charlotte put on their boots as well and Kym puts on a pair of new socks (over the nylons) and her Buffalos. While the two girls lick Kym’s socks, Kym demands Kat and Charlotte to destroy her Buffalos with scissors as it turns her on to see that. Kat and Charlotte joyfully agree, demanding the same from Kym later. Kym happily agrees – she loves to destroy expensive boots.

While Kat and Charlotte are still destroying Kym’s shoes, Kym forces Casey & Riley to remove her socks, rip open her stockings and worship her bare feet.

Then, Casey & Riley have to remove the ripped stockings from Kym’s legs and put new ones on. Kym demands both of them to watch while Kat and Charlotte rip the stocking of Kym’s legs again. This game is replicated on Kym’s legs until there are only bodystockings left.

After that, Kat and Charlotte fill Casey & Riley’s boots with juice, while they are still wearing them. While Kym then cuts their boots off, Casey & Riley rip Kat and Charlotte’s net tops open and start to apply cake on the other girls.

A cakefight between all girls breaks out, where they also rip each others outfits and nylons to shreds and perform some foot worship. Once all the cakes are gone, the girls strip naked and put the body stockings on and shred each others bodystockings.