Feet tickling Kymberly Jane and Jeanie Marie
Jeanie Marie gets turned on having her feet tickledFeet tickling fetish custom videoKym tickles Jeanie Marie's feet while Jeanie MasturbatesKym is in ecstasy with her feet tickledJeanie runs her fingernails seductively across the soles of Kym's feetKym and Jeanie rub their feet together in this sensual feet tickling custom

Sensual feet tickling Kym and Jeanie


Kymberly and Jeanie Marie are in bed, sensually tickling each others feet – worshipping, tickling, rubbing and caressing. 18 min

Sample Clip


Feet tickling fetish custom featuring Kymberly and Jeanie Marie. They are both sexy and mischievous in this custom video, playfully running their fingers down the soles of each others feet. It is turning them both on so much that they both feel the need to masturbate.


As Kym playfully caresses and massages Jeanie’s feet, Jeanie gets so turned on that she begins touching herself until climax. Kym continues to rub and worship Jeanie’s feet until it’s her turn to get her feet worshipped. As Jeanie runs her extra long fingernails up and down the length of her sexy feet, Kym squeals with delight and sensually starts to play with herself. She has an orgasm and they both lay down, playing footsie on the bed.