Ticklish Divorce Kymberly Jane


Kymberly Jane is being served divorce papers but she refuses to sign. Unfortunately for her, her soon-to-be ex-husband is determined to get her to sign. 34 min

A man desperately wants to divorce his wife, who has only exploited him in marriage. She spends great sums of money, loves luxury and has always had relationships with other men. His wife does not want to divorce him because she wants her husband to continue paying for her luxurious lifestyle.

For this reason, she has been denying him the signature under the divorce papers for some time. They have not been living together for some time, so he visits her again in her apartment to talk to her in a rational and calm manner to get the signature.

When he asks her to sign, she just laughs at him, ridicules him, says she has no time for him and wants to leave for her horse and for riding.

She humiliates him in conversation, then at some point closes the door and disappears past him for a ride with her horse.

The man is very upset and steps outside to think. His anger and frustration this time is so great that he wants to take revenge on his wife and of course wants to find a means that he finally gets the signature under the divorce papers and is free from this bad luxury woman.

He knows that his wife has very extremely super-sensitive soles, her feet are very ticklish and he is considering torturing her feet and forcing her to sign. He is still waiting in the house when his wife returns from riding.

She does not see him coming out of his hiding place, so he quickly overwhelms her after opening the front door and forces her into her apartment. Then he puts her down on the floor and ties her hands behind her back, then her feet, her torso and her knees with ropes. She is also gagged.

He carries her on her shoulders inside the apartment where a chair is waiting. He tries again reasonably to persuade her to sign because she can only listen to him, because she is gagged.

He puts her on the chair and ties her with more ropes all over her body and interrogates her, but she vehemently refuses to give the man an answer. A little bit later, the man sees no other option but to lend weight to his demand and threatens to torture her.

Man : I will tickle you as long as the bare soles with a feather and you also lick the soles …. I know how sensitive you are there.

The woman looks intimidated, but remains at your refusal and shakes his head in the negative.

Man: Well, …. you do not want it any different …..

He unties her from the chair and carries her back on her shoulders into the bedroom of her house and puts her on the bed.

So he begins to unleash only the feet to take off her the rubber riding boots and socks and puts them visibly aside, then he ties her feet again and fixes the feet firmly at the foot end of the bed.

The woman looks horrified him while and can not believe what happens. Then he begins to torture her. He shows her the goose feather provocatively.

Woman: Oh, no …. please do not ….. please not with the feather …. !

The man knows no mercy and begins to tickle the super-sensitive soles with the goose feather. She is absolutely super ticklish and begs for mercy.

Woman: Oh, no stop …. please do not … stop! No, no …. stop!

Since the man is also an absolute foot fetish and he has always found her feet beautiful, he can now hardly wait and then he starts immediately to lick very long, intense licks from her soles to her toes. He sucks and licks her toes. … everything slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes with the tip of the tongue, sometimes with the whole tongue.

She whines and laughs in the gag and writhes in her shackles. The man asks in between every now and then whether she wants to sign. She still refuses.

At some point in the end he pick up some ice cubes from the kitchen and starts to rub three or four ice cubes under her soles. This is enough for the woman and she agrees to sign.

Man: Do you want to sign now?

Woman: Yes, yes ….. I want to take it … all that you want …. please stop … I want to sign. Please let me go!

He loosens her hand cuffs and lets her sign the papers and ties her hands again … licks her soles again, steals her boots and socks as a symbol of his defeated his wife.

Then he leaves the house and the woman remains well restrained in bed.