Skate or Die 4: Roller Babes


Cute skaters Ella Nova and Kymberly Jane attempt to handle the perils of having wheels on their feet. 25 min

We open on Kymberly entering the rink. She gets her skates, goes over to lace them up and gets onto the rink once she is done. She seems to have it down, but she stumbles a few times.

She skates for a few minutes before Ella gets there, who does the same routine.

Kymberly recognizes her and, when Ella gets onto the rink, she goes over and hugs Ella and throws them both off balance a little.

The two them then skate around the rink, each going their own pace but staying close to each other. They both have a bit of balance trouble and both fall once. They skate together for several minutes before Kymberly gets tired and decides to take a short break on the bench.

Ella is a less capable skater than her friend and, falls twice more. Kymberly gets back on the rink and joins her friend, who falls once more and decides she is gonna take a break herself.

Kymberly decides to try some tricks with the rink to herself. She fumbles quite a bit while attempting the trick, falling once or twice.

Eventually, she seems to have the trick down to the amazement of her and her friend. Kymberly skates for a few more minutes before her friend has the courage to get back on the rink and join her.

They skate a bit, fall once more each, then both become quite tired and make their way to the bench in exhaustion.