Smoking Mimes Kymberly and Jeanie


Kymberly Jane and Jeanie Marie are hanging out in bed, smoking cigarettes, when Kym discloses a secret fantasy she has. She's always been turned on by the idea of being a mime. 20 min


Kym says that she had a dream last night about the two of them painting their faces like mimes and getting it on – like, having sex with each other. This is an interesting prospect to Jeanie and she is very open to the idea. They decide to go for it and Kym gets out the makeup.

They start to paint each others faces with the white foundation, covering as much area as possible. They are both getting more and more turned on by the anticipation of reaching the full potential of Kymberly’s dream. They get out the black makeup and start outlining their own faces and painting on accents.

The girls are finished with their masterpieces and start undressing. They smoke a cigarette to commemorate the occasion.

Now naked, the girls start to act out different mime scenarios but this quickly leads into kissing and fondling and masturbating… and more smoking.