Jeanie Marie Mesmerized at Modeling Agency


Jeanie Marie has answered an ad to become a model and has shown up to the agency for her audition. But what she finds at the agency isn't what she expected. 37 min


Custom fetish video featuring hypnosis and smoking. Jeanie arrives for a job interview at a modeling agency and is greeted by a nice female agent. The agent says that Jeanie looks great and after looking at her application she’s just what they’re after. She informs Jeanie that she will be perfect for their clients and the only thing she needs to do is answer a few questions and submit to a brief medical exam.

Jeanie and the agent chat for a bit and Jeanie explains why she wants to be represented by their agency. She explains that she’s new to the industry and a photographer recommended them as the best.

Jeanie is asked some questions and then waits for the medical part of the exam. She smokes while she waits.

Jeanie stands up, lights a cigarette and calls her boyfriend. She tells him that it’s going well and it looks like she is going to get the job. She tells him she only has an easy medical left and then hopefully she’ll get the contract. She says she’ll call back as soon as she can and let him know how it goes. She smokes some more…

The agent returns to begin the physical portion of the exam. Jeanie finishes smoking. The agent brings out a pendant and tells her to just watch the object as it begins to swing. She watches… Just concentrate on the movement, you’re doing great, just focus and follow the movement.

Just relax and block everything out apart from the object and my voice.

You feel comfortable and relaxed following the movement… you just need to clear her thoughts

You can no longer look away,you are feeling very drowsy and are sinking deeper into relaxation. So relaxed…So tired.

You want to go to sleep now don’t you. Sleep is all that matters now. She can’t sleep unless she follows my instruction then you’ll be able to let go

I need you to count from 5 to 1, with each number you will become sleepier and sleepier. When you reach 1 you’ll be completely relaxed, mesmerized, deeply hypnotized and under my control.

She counts down and then falls asleep.