Mesmerized, Tricked and Still Smoking


Kym is at home getting ready to go out when her room mate decides to help her stop smoking. Kym agrees to be mesmerized but the roommate has a whole different plan. 26 min


Custom hypno fetish video with smoking. Kym is getting ready for a night out with her friends and she can’t wait for the party tonight. She asks her roommate how she looks. She’s told she looks great but it was her turn to clean up today.

Kym laughs and says she’ll do it tomorrow, sprays her perfume on and starts smoking. She finishes getting ready while she continues smoking, gets a drink and sits down. They make a little small talk and then Kym starts texting her friends.

The roommate talks about Kym’s desire to quit smoking. Kym tells her that she was going to but never got around to it. The roommate says that her mom is a therapist and taught her a few things. If she wants she can show her a quick technique before she goes out.

Kym says she’s got a little time to kill before she goes out so why not, it should be fun. She finishes smoking and asks what to do.

She’s told to just relax and concentrate on the pendant. Follow it and just relax. Just continue relaxing and start to push all thoughts away. Let all your stress just slip away sink deeper into relaxation. Nothing matters but my voice and the pendant. You’re so relaxed now you’re starting to feel sleepy. You’re too tired to think and you want me to think for you. It feels so good to give up control.

I’m going to count from 5 to 1, with each number you’ll drop deeper and let everything go. At 1 you’ll be asleep and happy to obey me…