Trouser Socks Embarrassment Kymberly Jane


Kymberly Jane is embarrassed when her friend spills coffee on her pants and her date arrives to see her in her panties and socks. 7 min


Kym is talking to her date on the phone about meeting prior to her getting dressed. Next, she’s completely dressed, getting ready for a first time date. Primping in a hand mirror with hair, makeup and jewelry, phone on the table.

Star walks in with coffee and they talk about Kym’s date and him stopping by. Kym says she wants to show her roommate a picture of him date on the phone, flags her over and sets the phone on the table. Still holding her coffee, Star walks over to Kym and bends forward to look at the phone flat on the table and accidentally spills the coffee on Kym’s lap, staining her dress slacks. Kym is upset because she can’t go out with her pants all stained. Star tells her that she will get the stain out for her and Kym removes her pants.

Star is setting up the ironing board and getting the cleaning stuff. Star says with some glee, “GIVE ME YOUR PANTS”, and she is handed them from off camera.

Cut to Kym close up, starting at her head and slowly go down to her feet showing her without pants. Her legs are straight, feet even and a few inches apart.

Cut to Kym holding that same pose alongside the ironing board. (No Star)

Then Star is at an ironing board with Kym’s pants on it, using stain remover and rubbing. Repeatedly teasing Kym the whole time, telling her not to be embarassed.

Kym is standing next to her without pants and she has those socks on and everything else, standing with her legs straight, saying to her roommate to hurry up because her date is coming and she can’t have her date see her like that. Star comments on how cute Kym’s undies are and Kym says she’s going to put Star over her knee.

The doorbell rings and Kym panics, grabs two small pillows nearby and covers her waist, one hand in front and one in back. Star says he’s here.

The door opens and KYM drops the front pillow and quickly bends down to pick it up, turns around, and hurries out of the room. Star hands her the slacks through the door.

Star talks to the date and says – “Kym will be right out. You’ll love her, she is soo cute.”