Wet and Messy Video - Kym and her condiments
Wet and Messy - Kymberly JaneKym has ketchup poured al over herKym is wet with bbq sauce in her mouth and all over her bodyIt's a total mess Kymberly JaneCovered in blue cheese dressing, Kym is a total messMustard dumped on Kym creates a messy scene

Messy Kym’s $150 Condiment Game


Kymberly is wet and messy like you've never seen her before! We dumped almost $150 worth of sauces all over head and she loved every minute of it. Industrial sized tubs of sour cream, horseradish dressing, 1000 Island, ranch dressing, ketchup, tartar sauce, BBQ sauce, mustard, coleslaw dressing and blue cheese dressing all over her. Then when the pool is full she swims around in the mess. Bonus bathtub footage! 22 min

Sample Clip


Custom wet and messy fetish video featuring Kymberly Jane. Huge industrial sized containers of various sauces and dressings are dumped over her head. Each number she picks out of the bowl has a corresponding tub of something that is about to cover Kymberly’s entire body. She has no choice but to sit in her tub and take it all.