Adriana Chechik’s Muddy Socks


Sexy as ever, Adriana Chechik puts on her slouch socks and parades around in the dirt, eventually getting them completely muddy. 19 min

Slouch Socks Fetish video. Adriana starts off sitting on the steps, putting her socks on and scrunching them down to her ankles. She’s playful and smiling, like she knows what is about to happen to her socks. She gets up and heads over to a dirty patch of land and starts walking in the dirt. Closeups of her feet show the dirt sticking to her socks as she continues to walk around and dig her feet into the dirt.

She has more fun in mind and turns on the hose, spraying water all over the dirt. She puts down the hose and starts to walk around in the mud. Her socks are now very muddy as she sits down on the sidewalk and sticks her feet right up to the camera.