Professor Hypnotized by Foot Worshipping Student


Episode 1: Adriana shows up to her professor's office to discuss her thesis but seduces her with foot worship and hypnosis. 45 min


Adriana is a student in Professor Summer’s Psychology class and Adriana clearly has a serious crush on her teacher. She is going to hypnotize and seduce Professor Summer and have some lesbian play and pantyhose foot worship fun.

Professor Summer has called Adriana in to discuss her thesis on hypnosis. Adriana sits down and slips her shoes off to get comfortable.

AC: Hi professor. Wow is this your office? It’s really nice.

IS: Yes. It doubles as my Therapy office for appointments. I’m also a practicing Psychologist.

AC: Whoa, I didn’t know that. Maybe I should come and talk to you about my issues.

IS: Yes. Maybe you should. Adriana, I called you in to discuss your thesis on hypnosis.

AC: Sure professor. How did you like it?

IS: I have some serious concerns about some of your claims, to put it mildly.

AC (smiling): I was hoping you would want to talk about it. In your office. Alone.

Professor Summer’s first issue is Adriana’s claim that anyone can be hypnotized…

IS: First, you claim that anyone can be hypnotized. That is simply not true. A person has to have an open mind, has to want to be hypnotized. It isn’t magic.

AC: That is not my experience.

IS: It isn’t?

AC: It’s possible to plant a thought in a person’s mind without them even knowing. Advertisements have been doing it for years.

IS: That’s not the same thing and I think you know it isn’t.

AC: Professor, you’ve probably had a hard day. Why don’t you slip your shoes off?

IS: Oh no. I’m fine.

Unaware she is doing it and not acting any differently, Professor Summer then slips her shoes off and the meeting continues…

IS: Yes. Well like I was saying. You don’t just zap someone and they’re under your spell!

AC: That’s ridiculous.

IS: That’s my point.

AC: Professor why don’t you put your feet in my lap?

IS: I’m fine really. Let’s keep this professional.

Again, without knowing she is doing it or acting differently at all, Professor Summer puts her feet in Adriana’s lap. Adriana smiles playfully, situates Professor Summer’s feet in her lap, but says nothing. Adriana’s smile annoys Professor Summer. The meeting continues and Adriana begins to slowly, seductively rub Professor Summer’s feet. Heel to toe with her palm. Kneading the sole with her thumbs, slowly and seductively… Professor Summer goes on like nothing is happening

As the meeting continues, Professor Summer discusses Adriana’s claims that physical massage, combined with sensory and auditory stimulation, can put a subject into a deep enough state of hypnosis that their will is not their own, and they may be made to perform any act or behavior, including sexually behaving in a manner inconsistent with their sexuality or personal interest.

IS: You also claim that massage, focused eye contact, and a soothing, repetitive voice are enough to hypnotize a subject and completely remove their will, and they can be made to sexually perform in a way that is inconsistent with their sexuality or interest.

Adriana is still rubbing seductively. Little by little, the massage is affecting Professor Summer, relaxing her…

AC: Yes. The possibilities are endless pretty much.

IS: Well that is simply not factually correct. A person does not cease to be himself simply because of hypnosis. This isn’t science fiction.

AC: No it isn’t.

IS: No it isn’t. I just said that.

AC (laughing and then gazing into Professor Summer’s eyes): Yes. You did. Relax professor. I hear you. You didn’t like the essay. It’s okay. RE-lax. It will all be fine. RELAX. RELAXXX. RELAXXXXXX.

As she tells her teacher to relax, she gazes into her eyes and continues the foot massage. Professor Summer is beginning to be overcome by the hypnotic effects, but she is trying to get to the rest of her talking points…

Third, and most disturbing, Adriana has written at length about her desire to hypnotize Professor Summer, and all the sexual things she would do with her teacher if she did.

Adriana is still rubbing Professor Summer’s feet

IS: Those claims are all incorrect, but the most disturbing parts of your paper are your fantasies about hypnotizing me and forcing me to belong to you sexually.

AC: I thought you might want to talk about that. (Adriana smiles)

IS: This is serious Adriana. I am straight and I have a man in my life. (She acts like she doesn’t even know the massage is going on, but is clearly drifting into a trance.

AC: For now.

IS: I don’t think you see that this is a big deal. Sexual harassment is a violation of the code of conduct in your student handbook. I can go to the Dean. You can be expelled.

AC (smiling): My! That does sound serious.

Adriana lifts Professor Summer’s pantyhose foot to her lips and begins to worship: kissing and nibbling, licking and biting. Licking from heel to toe…on and on

IS: Yes…It’s very…Oh my…

Professor Summer drifts off into hypnotic bliss, moaning with pleasure, and is totally enjoying Adriana worshiping her feet. This goes on for a while…

AC: Adriana, IS: India Summer

Adriana pulls Professor Summer up close and holds her head in her hands, gazing deeply into Professor Summer’s eyes. She brings Professor Summer deeper into her hypnotic spell.

AC: Professor, I can call you India now right?

IS (gazing lovingly and helplessly into Adriana’s eyes): Yes.

Adriana caresses Professor Summer’s face, neck, down the front and back up to her neck and face…

AC: Look into my eyes. Look deeper. Deeper. DEEPER. Relax and fall into my hypnotic spell.

IS: Yes. Deeper.

AC: Just relax and let your stress fall away. You will be completely under my control.

IS: Yes. I will be yours.

Adriana smiles and brings India’s face in for a slow, seductive kiss. India lets her, then begins to return the passionate kisses, slowly, obediently…

AC: You will obey my suggestions.

IS: Yes. I will obey.

AC: Take off your top.

IS: I obey. (India removes her top and reveals her breasts for Adriana.)

The women return to their meeting as if nothing has happened. India, topless, is still upset and Adriana is still rubbing her feet.

IC: And I want you to know that I will be going to the Dean about this. What you wrote is inappropriate and you can expect consequences for your actions.

AC: Well I’m sorry you feel that way. I wish there was something I could do to fix it.

IS: You should have thought about that.

India takes her feet out of Adriana’s lap, still totally unaware she is topless or of the hypnosis and prepares to let Adriana leave.

IS: Alright. I guess that’s everything I had.

AC: Well what about my concerns?

IS: You have concerns?

AC: Yes.

IC: This should be good. Let’s hear your concerns.

AC: Well for starters, I don’t believe you’re straight.

IS (laughing): Me? That’s hilarious. I have a man. I thought I told you that.

AC: You did, but I’ve noticed how you look at me.

Adriana takes off her top exposing her breasts

IS: What? What are you talking about?

AC: I’ve seen you checking me out. Especially my feet.

Adriana slides her foot across the sofa towards India.

AC: Adriana, IS: India Summer

IS: I don’t…know what…you’re talking about. Wow.

AC: Oh I’ve seen you looking at my feet. I started taking off my shoes on purpose and sure enough, I caught you staring at me every time.

IS: I’m sure you are wrong about that.

AC: But you like feet don’t you?

IS: Excuse me?

AC: You like MY feet, right?

IS: Well they are attractive. Yes. I do like them. I really like them…

Adriana puts her feet in India’s lap. India begins to stare and caress Adriana’s feet.

AC: You like worshiping feet. You want to worship my feet, don’t you?

IS: NO. I…I don’t know. But they are beautiful.

AC (smiling): Why don’t you go ahead? Do what you feel?

IS: Do what I feel…Yes.

India begins to massage Adriana’s feet, slowly and seductively, before worshiping them. India licks them heel to toe, nibbling and kissing, licking and biting. She is enchanted and she worships her mistress’ feet. This goes on for a while (12-15 minutes at least) Adriana is in heaven as she gets up close to India and begins to make out with her. Slowly, passionately, they worship each other’s breasts and bodies.

Sitting tangled together, closely cuddling and caressing, gazing into each other’s eyes as they kiss and smile lovingly at each other, Adriana has Professor Summer completely under her hypnotic spell.

AC (kisses India): I can’t even remember why I came over.

IS (kisses Adriana): I know! I think I called you here to talk about your thesis.

AC (kisses India): Oh yeah? What did you think?

IS: It was excellent. (kiss) One of the best I’ve read. (kiss).

CS: Oh that’s so great! (kiss) How am I doing in the class? (kiss)

IS: You have an A of course. And I’m going to tell the Dean about how well you’re doing .

AC: Oh that won’t be necessary. (kiss)

IS: As you command (kiss)

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