Adriana Chechik’s Mesmerizing Foot Play


Patient Adriana visits her psychiatrist Dr. Summer claiming to have hypnotic powers.  Dr. Summer tells her to try and hypnotize her, and it does not go as the doctor expects…  37 min

Adriana has been seeing Dr. Summer for a while. At their first meeting, Dr. Summer tried to hypnotize Adriana and take advantage of her. Instead, Adriana hypnotized her therapist! When she learned what Dr. Summer had planned, she allowed it and has gone back to therapy regularly to continue the hypnotic affair.

Adriana is on the couch and Dr. Summer is in the therapist’s chair, legs crossed. Adriana tells Dr. Summer that she has been doing well, and they talk about her making progress with the therapy. Thanks to Dr. Summer, Adriana came to understand that she has a foot fetish, and she can manage her behavior in social circles. She no longer acts impulsively or aggressively with people she is attracted to, realizing that this is off-putting.

Adriana emphasizes again how much of a fetish she has, and how she loves having her feet done, getting a massage, even looking at other women’s feet. As the dialogue goes on, Dr. Summer — for some unknown reason and without being aware of it herself — slips her shoes off and re-crosses her legs. Adriana casually looks over at Dr. Summer’s legs and feet, and smiles. The session continues.

Dr. Summer is happy that Adriana agreed to give therapy a try; she remembers when Adriana was skeptical at first. Adriana smiles knowingly (she has control of the situation after all). When Dr. Summer inquires about social situations, or dealing with difficult people, competitive situations or rivalries, etc., Adriana reveals that when someone is difficult, Adriana just hypnotizes them and gets what she wants.

Dr. Summer explains that hypnosis doesn’t work that way, but Adriana is adamant that she has hypnotic powers. Dr. Summer tells Adriana that what she is experiencing is a delusion. Hypnosis is real, and provides many benefits to people who need to deal with issues, but no one has this ability, and besides, people don’t just fall under a hypnotic spell out of nowhere.

Adriana smiles again as she looks over at Dr. Summer’s pantyhose legs and her feet.

Adriana stubbornly holds to the idea. She has the ability to control people’s minds, to make them think and behave like she wants. Dr. Summer tells Adriana that this belief is a delusion born out of her feelings of powerlessness. Dr. Summer tells Adriana that feels weak, so she imagines people doing what she wants—then she imagines making people do what she wants. She imagines making people believe what she wants them to believe, and constantly focusing on these thoughts has convinced Adriana that she can control other people.

Dr. Summer explains that there were experiments in the 1960s with brainwashing and behavior modification, but those experiments included torture, not hypnosis. Dr. Summer asks Adriana if she tortures the people she controls, and Adriana says no. Dr. Summer is trying to lead Adriana to the truth, but the more they have talked about this subject, the more stubborn Adriana has become, and the good doctor decides they will have to try another strategy.

AC: Adriana, IS: India Summer

AC: What strategies are there?

IS: Well there is medication, group therapy, role-play, electroshock, …

AC: Role-play. What’s that like?

IS: Well, I haven’t thought about it for you, but basically, I would allow you to try to put me under your spell, and when you see that it doesn’t work, you’ll be free from your delusion. It would be your biggest breakthrough to this point.

AC: So how would we do it?

IS: How do you normally hypnotize someone?

AC (smiling): Come sit by me.

Dr. Summer moves to sit next to Adriana.

IC: Now what?

AC: I don’t know. Sometimes I can get a person to do what I want by looking into their eyes.

From this point, the eye contact will begin to contribute gradually to the hypnosis

IS: Okay. But have you considered they do what you want because you’re attractive?

AC: You think I’m attractive? (giggles)

IS (blushing): You know what I’m saying. You’re a good-looking young woman. Hypnosis is different.

AC: I’m not saying they open doors for me or buy me movie tickets. I’m telling you they change because I make them change.

IS: I see. What else do you do to control people?

AC: I also use massage.

Adriana reaches her hands out to rub Dr. Summer’s shoulders, still gazing into her eyes. Dr. Summer smiles pleasantly. Adriana’s hands rub Dr. Summer’s shoulders, down her upper arms, caressing her forearms, and back up again. She rubs Dr. Summer’s shoulders, then moves her hands up Dr. Summer’s neck, caressing before coming back down. Dr. Summer is clearly enjoying the massage, and they still have eye contact, but…

AC (still rubbing Dr. Summer’s neck and shoulders): How are you feeling Dr.?

IS: You are very good at massage; this feels fantastic. But I have to say again that this is not doing what you want it to.

AC (smiles): So you’re feeling like yourself?

IS: Yes. Do you see now that it doesn’t work? You can’t hypnotize me.

AC: Hold on. I’m not finished yet.

IS: Alright (smiling). I’ll enjoy the massage at least.

Adriana’s rubbing moves from Dr. Summer’s shoulders and arms up her neck, and further up to caress her face. She caresses Dr. Summer’s face hypnotically, softly, before running her fingers soothingly through Dr. Summer’s hair. As this continues, the two women are now sitting very close to each other. Dr. Summer is getting more and more relaxed, and after a few moments, Adriana’s hands slide down to undo/remove Dr. Summer’s clothes. Dr. Summer does not flinch or resist. She allows Adriana to take off her tope and bra…

Now Adriana’s hands are roaming over Dr. Summer’s bare breasts and up to her shoulders, neck face. The good doctor is still gazing into Adriana’s eyes, clearly enjoying the massage, as Adriana’s hands move to cradle Dr. Summer’s face.

Adriana’s hands run through her hair, moving Dr. Summer’s head slightly whenever she does. They are very close now, gazing at each other. Adriana goes in for a slow, seductive kiss. Afterward, she backs up, still cradling Dr. Summer’s head in her hands. Dr. Summer is obviously good with more, so Adriana goes on for a few minutes of kissing…They wrap each other in an intimate embrace as they make out…but…

IS (drawing back a little): I think I should tell you that I am very, very straight.

AC (laughing, a little surprised): What! Why have you been kissing me this whole time? Why didn’t you resist or fight me or something?

IS (still in the embrace, caressing Adriana): The purpose of this exercise is to break through your delusion. To show you I’m not under your spell. You are doing your worst, and it is not affecting me at all. Don’t you see?

AC: But you let me do these things to you. Why?

IS: We have to get to the bottom of your delusion. We haven’t yet. There is still something hiding in the back of your mind that we need to expose and shatter, and then you’ll break through this.

Adriana breaks away and slides to the other side of the couch, sitting in thought. Dr. Summer is at the other end, putting her top back on—not her bra. Adriana remembers how the session started and has an idea…

AC: So there is still something we need to work through then?

IS: That’s right. I didn’t think we would get all the way there today. Honestly I had not planned to even try this exercise.

AC: Well are we close to a breakthrough?

IS: We can’t be sure, but we made some progress today. And you have come so far already.

Dr. Summer stretches her legs across the couch. After a moment, Adriana takes Dr. Summer ’s feet in her lap and begins to slowly, seductively rub them. She runs her four fingers together up and down the sole. She kneads the soles with her thumb. She squeezes with both hands, then twists her hands inwardly, massaging as the session continues…

AC: Right. My fetish. I have learned self-control. That is something. I should take that as a positive.

IS (clearly being overcome by the massage): Yes. There are a lot of positives here.

AC: You are such a good therapist to not give up on me.

IS (smiling weakly): I’m here for you. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

AC: Aww. I feel so positive right now.

IS: Good.

AC: Well I guess we should wrap up so you can prep your next session, right?

IS (dreamily): If you want to keep talking, my schedule is clear the rest of the day. We could make it a double session.

AC: So no one else is showing up today?

IS: No, we’re all alone.

AC: Dr. you look flushed. Do you want to get more comfortable?

SR: Yes (Dr. Summer takes her top off again, exposing her breasts.

Adriana begins to worship Dr. Summer’s feet. She licks one from heel to toe. Then she nibbles, kisses, licks and bites them as Dr. Summer helplessly allows her. Dr. Summer is in heaven as Adriana does her thing…

They come up embracing each other softly, kissing slowly and seductively. Adriana confirms that Dr. Summer is under her spell. Dr. Summer admits that she is. Adriana tells Dr. Summer it’s her turn to worship Adriana’s feet. Dr. Summer takes her turn, rubbing at first, then worshipping as commanded.

Adriana and Dr. Summer stand, Adriana with her arms crossed behind Dr. Summer’s head, Dr. Summer’s hands on Adriana’s waist, kissing passionately—not fast, just lustfully. Dr. Summer tells Adriana that they have really had a terrific session and she just knows there is a breakthrough around the corner.

Adriana says she hopes Dr. Summer is right. Adriana kisses her and takes her hand as they walk to the door. After a few more kisses, Dr. Summer tells Adriana there are some other things they can try. She has been researching a role-play technique that seems promising.

Adriana kisses her and leaves her office. Dr. Summer returns to her therapist chair and sits, crossing her legs and looking over her notes