Sock Fetish – Odette Gets Her Socks Muddy


Odette stars in this sexy sock fetish video. She puts on the fuzziest, plushiest socks ever and walks around in the mud. 24 min


Custom fetish video starring Odette and her sexy socks! Odette spends some time with her socks off, caressing and touching the socks that she has just found sitting on a rock in the park. She is enjoying the feeling the socks give her as she rubs them against her face. She puts them lovingly and carefully on each foot, slowly pulling them over her toes and then her feet, until they are firmly in place.

Odette stands up in the dirt and starts to walk around a bit while the socks collect dirt and debris from the ground. The socks continue to get dirtier and she walks around. Then she finds a piddle of mud and starts to play in it, getting her socks muddier and muddier as she romps around in the mess. She has soiled her socks to the point of no return.