Pedal Pumping Vixens Sexy Cranking


Kym and Odette are in their car getting all hot and bothered because the car won't start. They turn it over and over, teasing at the same time while they try their hardest to start the car. The Jetta finally roars into action and it's time to rev it up! They take turns with the orgasmic actions of stepping on the gas and revving the engine as much as it can take. 6 min


This is a fun, over-the-top fetish scene featuring pedal pumping and cranking. The girls are sexually aroused by the mere thought of the car not starting and they aren’t going to be satisfied until they know one way or the other. They finally get it going and Kymberly Jane steps hard on the gas and revs up the engine to make sure it’s going to stay running. Not to be outdone, Odette wants to get in on the action too! She trades places with Kym and starts stepping on the gas as well. This car has gotten these two hotties all out of sorts.