Messy Kym’s Shaving Cream Fantasies


Messy Kymberly Jane is at it again with a tub full of shaving cream slime in this wet and messy dream come true! After she spends some time submerging herself in the massive tub of slime, she does some very unusual things covered from head to toe in it – like making and eating cereal and watching tv. 25 min


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Kym spends a little time getting dressed – sexy cocktail dress, gorgeous tights and high heels…. she seems to be getting ready for something special – perhaps a night out on the town? We soon learn what she’s been getting all dressed up for… she has a bathtub full of shaving cream gunge and she’s about to submerge herself in it. She finally gets in and swims around in in the slime, never once wiping it from her face. She swims and dunks herself in the gunge, playing and frolicking in the slime as it flows over the side of the tub. She spends some time enjoying herself in the gunge, swimming and laughing as she covers herself in it, the only skin exposed is where her mouth is.