Wet and Messy Games – Rock, Paper, Scissors…and Slime!


Kymberly and Odette have decided to play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and the consequences of losing are very MESSY! They play several rounds, pouring water, maple syrup and slime all over each other every time one of them loses. Very fun scene with lots of laughing and playfulness – and a big mess! 30 min

Custom video featuring Kymberly and Odette. These two are stuck in the bathtub with pitchers of slime and several bottles of mayple syrup. The goal is to get as messy as possible, but just spraying each other with slime is just too boring for them. They decide to play a game.

Their game of rock, paper, scissors has begun and the competition is getting fierce! With each turn they take, one of them is getting closer to being slimed – either in their pants or in their shirts. The game continues as they each come up with the same results several times.

But finally a match is won and the mess begins! Kym is the first to get it, the syrup goes directly down the front of her pants. But wait, another match brings another loser and this time it’s Odette that gets the syrup. Another round brings more mess and the sliming is fully under way.