Shiny Hiney Tushie Tush


Custom video featuring Kymberly Jane and Star speaking a language only they understand. 21 min


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Star and Kymberly are at home in bed dressed with sexy panties on their tushies and sexy bras for their boobies! These two good girlfriends have a special kind of love for their cute shiny hineys and boobies. They slowly undress showing their boobies in all their glory! They start to sensually rub oil on their tushies and boobies, while using the cutest words to express their fondness for one another’s boobies and shiny hineys! The girls tickle each others tushies with their nails, giving one another chills of delight.

They giggle and spank their hineys and start massaging their boobies and tushies. They are ticklish, especially beautiful brunette Kymberly. She giggles in response to Star’s tickling of her tushie tush and of course Kymberly tickles her boobies and shiny hiney right back. Star giggles and stretches out her long legs. Their bare feet are so sexy too. Their soles scrunch and wrinkle. The girls are on their knees displaying their tushie tushes, their legs open enough to see their cute little pussies. The start to rub their oiled boobies and nipples together, getting their nipples nice and hard. After lots of boobie rubbing, they go back to their tushies and spend more time worshiping each others shiny hineys.

They rub more oil onto their shiny hiney tushie tushes, squeezing them and tickling them some more all the while talking about them. They start slapping their hineys again and giggle while they call their boobies and hineys the cutest words! They continue to only use hiney, boobies, tushy, shiny hiney and shiny hiney tushie tush. Women are so sexy when they use such cute words. They often get turned on by the cute words and can’t help but get naked and start talking about their boobies and tushies all over again. Their shiny hineys look so luscious when they’re on their knees, so they stay on their knees a lot, showing off their wet pussies and luscious tushies.