Hypno Cuddling Mia Li and Riley Reyes


Riley Reyes has her friend Mia Li over and she hypnotizes her into cuddling. 6 min


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Riley Reyes is sitting on the couch by herself, wearing a dress and jacket with her hair up. Mia Li is on her way over and Riley is wondering what’s taking her so long? Mia appears and apologizes for being late. The two hug and sit down on the couch.

Riley – how have you been it’s been forever since we got a chance to hang out.

Mia – Yes I’ve just been buried in work it’s crazy. You look really good by the way. Still doing those workouts?

Riley – Haha yes for now anyway since you stopped going. I saw you on the news for your job!

Mia – Well the company has their own workout program. President Kal is really into us being fit. Yes President Kal thought I would do well at the news segment.

Riley – You’ve really gone up since the days of working at The Wing Palace.

Mia – What can I say? I just have the hard worker mentality as President Kal says.

Riley – Uh huh….sure…..so what exactly does your company do? The news didn’t really say.

Mia – Oh this and that. You’ve got to let me tell you the amazing thing President Kal does for us.

Riley – You really are into this President aren’t you…..

Mia – He’s amazing….and so handsome. So what he does for us is hypnosis.

Riley laughs

Slowly Mia moves closer and removes her jacket and lets her hair down. She then brings out a pendant. Dropping it in front of Riley.

Mia – Just trust me….you look so tired anyway…..

Riley resists at first, and then Mia moves closer and uses her eyes to put Riley into a hypnotic sleep. Mia tells her she will forget about asking about the job and find her beautiful. Also that she will remover her jacket and let her hair down.

Cuddling ensues….Riley is under Mias’ spell as they romantically embrace.

Riley suddenly snaps out of it but then Mia gets her to sit back down and strokes her face and makes her say how beautiful she is, and then makes her incredibly sleepy. The two kiss and then Mia puts Riley to sleep.