Adriana Chechik Worships Feet


Adriana Chechik has a foot fetish. She loves mens feet and the act of sucking on their toes, licking and kissing their feet and soles, and giving a nice, hot footjob. 33 min


Starting with an erotic foot massage, Adriana gets her man comfortable and starts going to town on his feet. She massages them, teasing and caressing as he enjoys the foot massage. She starts licking his toes and flicking her tongue along the sides of his feet, playfully worshipping his feet. Then she puts all of his digits into her mouth, like a vacuum cleaner sucking up a dirty sock.

She puts his toes deeper and deeper into her mouth as she drools and salivates all over his feet. Now it’s time for the sole licking. Adriana lays on her back and puts out her tongue as her man slides his feet over her tongue. She’s licking the soles of his feet and loving it.

Adriana pulls off her mans clothing and starts to play with his wiener, rubbing her feet all over it, getting him stiffer in the process. She starts to give him a footjob with her bare feet while sucking on his toes at the same time! Now that’s talent!