Slapstick Trashcan


Casey Calvert is a messy roommate. Kymberly Jane has had it with her behavior and puts a trashcan in the living room as a hint to clean up her act. Unfortunately, things do not go well for Kymberly. 8 min

Two female roommates live with each other. One of them is a clean freak the other a slob who throws anything she wants anywhere. The clean girl always has a large garbage can in the living room to throw trash away from the slob. One night the slob is eating a banana and throws the peel on the ground and says goodnight I’m going to bed.

The clean girl walks by slips on it and we hear a thud. She has fallen headfirst into the trash can and is kicking her legs in a funny style to try to get out but to no avail. She kicks her bare feet back and forth and shouts out but the friend is fast asleep. Minutes later the roommate hears her and sees her in this predicament and tickles her feet before helping her out. She then tells her she needs to be more careful and goes back to bed. The clean one says i need to catch my breath you go ahead.

Seconds later she doesn’t remember the same banana peel is on the floor and slips on it again and falls back in the trash can.