Sock Fetish – Odette bound in socks


Odette enjoys wearing socks while being tied up and gagged. She tries on several different pair and models them for us. 23 min


In this custom sock fetish video, Odette plays the role of a young, naive, shy neighbor girl who secretly wants you to tie and gag her but too is embarrassed to ask. She slowly hints toward it and eventually works up the courage.

She starts sitting on the couch wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit, heels and plain white ankle socks. She has her backpack beside her with the socks, rope, and ball gag in it.

“I brought all of the socks you told me to, what are we going to do with them?….. You want me to put them on for you? Seems kind of weird but it could be fun, I will do this for you if it will make you happy sir. Do you want to see the socks I’m wearing now first? Ok sir, in will take my heels of for you.”

She takes off her heels and model her socks…

“Have I modeled these socks enough for you sir? Ok, which pair would you like me to wear next? These? Ok.”

She next pulls out the ankle socks with the grey heel and toe and puts them on.

“Can I ask you something? Can we play a game? It’s like an escape game. It would involve rope and it would be like a challenge. In this game you would, well, kinda tie me up.. and I would see if I could get out. If you don’t want to i understand but i think it would be fun. So do you want to play with me? Do you want to tie me up? You can tie me up any way you want and I will wear any socks you want me to while I’m tied up! You will? Thank you sir! Do you have anything to tie me up with? I actually brought something with me, I have some rope in my backpack, here….”

She places the rope on the couch then turns around, gets on her knees and place her hands behind her back.

“I’m ready to play our game sir”

“This actually feels good. Please don’t tell anyone but I actually like being tied up, this can be our secret game. Can I come over tomorrow after school so we can do this again? I have more socks I can wear for you and I have more things you can restrain me with like handcuffs and belts! Would you like me to wear a different pair of socks now? Alright! Can you change my socks for me since I’m all tied up?”

“Do you like these socks? I hope you think my feet are cute. You know you could do anything you want to me while I’m tied up, I am completely helpless and at your will. I am your completly restrained, submissive little girl. Something is missing though, a gag, would you like to gag me? Yes? Ok what would you like to gag me with? MY SOCKS? Eww…. well, i guess that might be fun, and really if you want to I cant do anything about it since I’m tied up. I have a clean pair of socks still in my backpack you can put in my mouth.”

“I really enjoyed our tie up game. I hope you enjoyed my feet and socks. Please keep it our secret that you tied and gagged me. anytime you want me to wear any socks for you just tell me. Or anytime you want to slap some cuffs on me, just let me know. Thank you for the wonderful time sir.