Ella Nova Shredded Instinct


Ella Nova arrives for a photo shoot but is mesmerized into being a cavewoman. 10 min

The camera fades in showing a dark warehouse. On the floor is a bag of cat food, a cat bowl, and a collar & leash. Ayla walks into frame.

“Hi, how are you. I’m Ayla. Is this where I audition for the commercial?”

Ayla starts to look around her surroundings with a suspicious look on her face. She sees at the corner of her eye the collar and leash next to the cat bowl and food, but no cat is anywhere to be seen. She can tell something is off, but she ignores her gut instinct.

“Oh ok good. Thought I got lost for a moment. So yeah I’ve been into acting for a couple years and I saw the ad and I said to myself I can totally pour cat food into a bowl“

As Ayla goes on about her lackluster acting career, she sees you take out a swinging pendant

“Is…that a watch? Haha, why are you swinging it? …What does that have to do with…the…commercial?

Ayla starts to get visibly drowsy.

“You are hypnotizing me…I am under your control…I am under your control…”

Ayla get deeper and deeper into the trance

“At the snap of my fingers, I will be a cavewoman for your entertainment…”

Ayla snaps her fingers and instantly gets into a slouching primitive stance.

“Me Ayla. Me cavewoman.”

Ayla pounds her chest while making grunting noises. She then walks around scouting her surroundings like she is hunting.

“Me hunter warrior. Strong woman. Me find big hunt. Make tribe proud.”

As Ayla continues hunting, she suddenly sees a sabertooth tiger & jumps back a bit with a frightened look on her face.

“Oh no! Ayla find big tiger! You send out big tiger to eat Ayla! Me in big trouble!”

Ayla continues to hold her ground, getting into a fighting pose. She gets quickly overwhelmed when the tiger pounces on her. She starts to struggle and scream all over the place but the imaginary tiger clearly has the upper hand. She falls to the ground and starts to ferociously rip her own dress to shreds.

“Me need help!”

Ayla rips her own dress in various spots while screaming. She is subconsciously making them look like a cavewoman’s loincloth, makes Ayla delve deeper into her trance.

Ayla goes silent and gets up on her feet. The camera slowly pans out from one of the ripped up areas to showing Ayla’s full body.

Ayla looks down at her dress in shock and shame. Ayla’s summer dress is completely dirty, ripped up, and tattered in a way that makes it look like a cavewoman bikini

“Look at Ayla clothes…”

Ayla takes a minute or two to thoroughly look at her clothes ripped up. She raises her hands up in the air and surrenders to you.

“Ayla get clothes rip by strong tiger. Ayla lose battle. Ayla surrender.”

Ayla has her hands up in the air with a fearful look on her face for a few seconds longer. Ayla then gets on her knees and starts bowing up and down.

“Me no more Ayla. Ayla no more hunter warrior. Ayla bitch. Now be slave. Me be good slave for master.”

She flinches and falls on her back. You command her to pick up the collar and leash on the ground and put it on.

“Yes master, me put on leash. Be good slave.”

Ayla rushes to the collar and leash on all fours. She hastily puts it on. After she puts it on, she stays in a kneeling position looking at the camera with a look of shame, accepting her “defeat” from the tiger.

“Hunter warrior no have ripped clothes. That why Ayla surrender and be slave bitch.”

She prances around like a monkey a little bit.

“Law of jungle say weak be slave to strong master. Ayla give up in battle to serve master.”

The camera fades out and then fades back in to Ayla and her clothes look even dirtier as if she has been at this for hours now. She is currently on her knees eating cat food from the pet bowl.
The other end of the collar and leash is tied to something so Ayla can’t go anywhere. The look on her face implies that she is forcing herself to like what she is eating.

“Mmmm, Ayla like good tasty food.” As she is in the middle of saying this, she gags and spits some of it out.

Ayla gets a fearful look on her face and starts her ritual of bowing up and down.

“S-sorry master. Me be bad slave. Me no mean to spit out food.”

Ayla falls on her back, reacting as if she got screamed at again. In an effort to really please her new master, Ayla removes the top part of her ripped clothes, revealing her breasts.

“Look master! Ayla show boobies. Me want to please master.”

Ayla then proceeds to take small handfuls of the cat food and rub them on her body, with some of it falling all over her and falling into her loincloth part of the ripped clothing. Ayla thinks that the tiger has been released again to get her.

Ayla has a frightened look on her face and tries to run off, but she forgets she is leashed and cannot go anywhere. Ayla falls on her back and covers her face from the tiger screaming for help.

The imaginary tiger is rushing into Ayla. Right as it gets to Ayla as she is screaming, the screen goes black and the video ends.