Mesmerizing mind control fetish video Vyxen Steel
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Vyxen has come to the same modeling agency that her sister Jeanie joined to see what they have done to her. She has been acting strange lately and she suspects that they have something to do with it. 25 min

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Custom video featuring Vyxen Steel smoking and getting hypnotized. Vyxen arrives at the modeling agency and angrily storms up the steps to the door and goes inside. She is greeted by the same agent that Jeanie met with. The agent is friendly and cooperative as Jeanie explains her issues with the agency.


The agent is impressed with her appearance and asks Vyxen if she would be interested in doing some modeling if they can sort out this misunderstanding. Vyxen isn’t interested and is only there to find out what they did to her sister.


The agent tells Vyxen that she will show her a video that will explain everything. Vyxen agrees to watch the video and smokes while the agent prepares the video. She also calls her sisters boyfriend to check in. She knows they are hiding something and she won’t leave until she finds out.


The agent returns and again tries to get Vyxen to model for them but she isn’t interested.


The agent opens a laptop and shows Vyxen a video. Vyxen is defiant at first but the image on the screen is drawing her in. She is starting to feel very relaxed…