Nina Elle is Mesmerized and Smoking


After successfully 'recruiting' Kym and Amirah the next target is her new neighbor Nina. Nina is unsuspecting but soon comes under hypnotic mind control. 32 min


Mind control fetish and smoking. Nina is outside on a smoke break. She smokes for a while and eventually is approached by her neighbor who greets her and welcomes her to the neighborhood. She asks Nina how she is settling in and asks if she needs anything. Nina thanks her and says Kym came over yesterday. Nina asks her to thank Kym for her as she gave her a mp3 file to listen to, to help her quit smoking.

Nina finishes smoking and tells her she listened to it last night but it’s not working just yet. She asks if Nina listened to it all and she tells her yes. She tells Nina that’s perfect as the mp3 wasn’t for Nina it was for her.

Nina starts to ask what she means but in the middle of her talking she says obey and Nina instantly drops into a trance.

She then tells Nina to invite her in so they can talk privately. Once inside Nina stands in a trance while her body is checked out and hand is waved in front of face etc.

She then tells Nina the mp3 was only designed to put her into a light trance and she’s now going to put her put her into a deeply hypnotized state.

She then starts to swing a pendant in front of Nina while she watches it swing. She tells her to concentrate on the pendant and her voice nothing else matters. She tells Nina to clear her mind and relax no thoughts just relax.

She tells Nina to remember how the mp3 made her feel, how good it feels to let go. She tells Nina she needs her to count from 10 to 1. With each number she’ll feel more and more sleepy and drop deeper and deeper into a trance. Nina then counts down getting more and more tired until she reaches 1 and falls asleep.

She asks Nina if she can hear her. Tells her to open her eyes and look at her. She tells Nina she’s now completely under her control and that it feels good to obey. Nina is now her slave.