Mesmerized Amirah Gets Sexual


After her success with Kym, our mysterious roommate decides to have some fun with mesmerizing Kym's friend whom she's always had a secret crush on. 30 min


Custom hypno fetish video featuring Amirah Adara smoking cigarettes. Amirah has come to pick Kym up for dinner and drinks tonight. Kym’s roommate explains that she had to quickly go to the store and to come in and wait until she gets back. The roommate gets them both drinks while Amirah starts smoking.

They make a little small talk while Amirah smokes and asks if she’ll be coming out with them. She tells Amirah she’s already got plans for tonight but thanks anyway. Amirah asks what this quit smoking thing that she used on Kym as Kym keeps telling her to try it.

She tells Amirah that it was a really good technique she learned that changed Kyms life. She asks Amirah if she’d like to quickly try it while it they wait as it only takes a few minutes.

Amirah tells her she’s strong willed enough to quit anytime anyway.

She then slightly panicked that her plan is not working on Amirah when she comes up with plan B. She tells Amirah that she looks great and really likes her necklace. She asks if she can have a look at it.

Amirah says sure, finishes smoking and passes it over to her. She then starts to swing it in front of Amirah and tells her she really likes the way the light catches it. How it’s so soothing to watch the colors reflect the light and it feels like it’s drawing her in. She tells Amirah to concentrate and look deeper at the colors and how relaxing they are. She’s told she can’t look away from the necklace and the more she looks the deeper she relaxes

Amirah weakly then says she doesn’t feel great and should go but she’s told no you don’t you’re going to stay. She tells Amirah to let her thoughts fade away and obey. She’s then told to concentrate and the more she resists the more she’ll slip under her control. She tells her to obey. She again tells her to obey and Amirah lets out a sigh and finally says I will obey.

She then tells Amirah to just let her mind relax and let her thoughts fade away. All that matters now are the necklace and her voice. She’s so relaxed now she must be feeling tired and she should let go, sleep and obey. She then swings the necklace and repeats sleep as Amirah goes to sleep.

She is now her slave….