Riley Reyes: Mind Reading Alien Super Domme


The Earth has been invaded and easily conquered by a vicious and cruel alien species. The aliens are superior to humans in every way. They are stronger, smarter, faster, have superior technology, and are all stunningly beautiful physical specimens. And – they can read our minds.

They came to Earth because they are superior to humans and need inferior slaves, of course.

When the invasion began, you, like many others went into hiding. Riley is an alien slave-hunter. She find your hiding spot, bursts in, overpowers you, and takes you as her slave.

40 min

Fetish: ,

The shot opens while you are hiding behind some curtains, as the last thing you can find to put between yourself and her. She kicks the door open and enters the room. She can sense your thoughts, she knows exactly where you are and that you are terrified.

“Come on out. I can hear your thoughts and smell your fear. Come out now. If you make me come get you, I’ll make you pay.”

She waits.

“That’s it. Good boy. No! Don’t try to run. If you run, you will anger me. You can’t get away. youcan read your mind and anticipate any move you are going to make before you make it.”

“Get over here. NOW!” She points to the ground at her feet like she is talking to a disobedient dog.

You try to run, and she punches you in the face. You drop to the ground from the force of her super strength.

“Stupid human. I warned you. You’ve been a slave for all of 30 seconds and already you’ve earned yourself a severe punishment. Tsk tsk tsk.”

“No, don’t get up. Stay down there… on your knees and kiss my feet.”

You refuse.

“You want to do this the hard way? Fine.”

She takes out a collar and bends down and puts it on you. You struggle, but it’s like a child fighting an adult, she is far stronger and faster than you. She punches you a few times to daze you, then puts the collar on. She stands back up.

“That’s a control collar. You can’t take it off and I can control it telepathically.”

At this point, she makes some kind of motion like she is telepathically controlling the collar and it causes severe pain throughout your body.

“Hurts, doesn’t it? The collar sends electrical impulses directly to the pain center of your puny little human brain. It’s the worst pain you’ve ever felt, isn’t it? And that’s just the lowest setting.”

You make another gesture of some kind and the collar turns off.

“Now… kiss my feet.”

This time you comply.

“Good boy. You’ve got a little spirit. I like that. But deep down, I can also see that you want to be my slave. You like what you see, don’t you? I sense you already have an erection. That’s good. But this place is a dump. Let’s get out here and go somewhere more comfortable for me, and less comfortable for you.”

You wake up in a dungeon, bound and helpless in steel restraints, spread-eagle and totally vulnerable. You’ve been hanging there for hours when she finally come to pay you a visit, torture you some more, and tell you about the horrific fate that awaits you as her plaything.

She enters the dungeon where you are stung-up naked and spread-eagle. She looks you up and down, examining her new property.

“Not bad. You will make a worthy addition to my stable of human slaves. What? You thought you were the only one? No, you are just one of a dozen or so of my new toys.”

“I can sense your fear. You’re wondering what I’m going to do to you.”

She comes in close. “First, I’m going to break you. I won’t lie… being broken is going to be extremely unpleasant for you. I’m going to torture you until your mind snaps – turn you into a mindless, quivering wreck. Then rebuild you into an obedient drone.”

“Once you are completely broken, have no will of your own, and are a totally dedicated, obedient slave, you will spend thousands of years serving me. Yes, that’s right… our science will greatly prolong your life. You may wish you were dead, but I won’t allow you to escape me, even in death.”