Cherie Deville: Hot For Teacher


Cherie Deville is a teacher with a pantyhose fetish. She has noticed this student staring at her legs and decides it’s time to teach him a few lessons. 26 min

A female teacher, Miss Deville, has been the object of desire for our lucky student for quite some time. The student is very shy and tries to not get caught staring at her pantyhose legs. She walks around the classroom, lecturing the students on the subject of the day while continues to stare at her legs. He tries to look away so she won’t notice but this time he thinks he’s been caught.

Little does he know, his attention is something she has been noticing for awhile now and she has decided to play along a little bit and tease him subtly.

Eventually Miss Cherie asks the student if he’s been staring at her pantyhose legs. He says no. She keeps taunting him with her legs (still subtly) and keeps asking him.

Eventually she wears him down and he admits it. She’s happy he does and admits that she’s known all along and that she has a pantyhose fetish herself. At this time she says that she has a special treat for him.

She pulls out a pair of stockings (both pairs sheer, not fishnet) and garter belt from a drawer and then puts them on over the pantyhose. She has him help put them on and then she asks if he wants to rub/touch them. After doing that she asks if he wants to touch with his dick.

He starts to hump her legs/thighs/calves feet for a bit. Towards the beginning of this the teacher says, “if you’re really good I’ll let you cum in my stockings”. The humping goes on. When about done she says that he’s been good and to put his dick in her stocking and fuck it til he cums.