Pantyhose Realtor


Kleio Valentien is a realtor showing a man a house but he is far too distracted by her pantyhose legs. She notices and uses it to her advantage. 28 min

Pantyhose fetish legjob
They end up in the bedroom sitting on the bed. She says something about how this is the 3rd time she has shown him the house and he won’t commit to buying. She’s visibly frustrated. She says she has noticed he has been staring at her legs and stockings. She’s suspicious that he’s been dragging out the process for other reasons. She asks him about it and he says no.

She grabs his hand and puts it on her thigh and asks if he’s sure. He’s speechless and she says she already knows and removes his hand. She says, “Do you want to keep touching? You’ll have to buy this house”.

He tells her he’s still unsure and the price still isn’t right. She says, “Well how about I let you fuck my pantyhosed legs and thighs, then you buy the house”. He excitedly agrees. She has him pull his dick out and start rubbing/fucking her legs/thighs/calves in various positions on the bed and even standing at the edge of the bed (if possible).

Then after a bit, when he’s fucking her thighs, she asks if he’s ready to sign. He still says not yet. She stops him and says, “You need more convincing?” She pulls out a pair of thigh high stockings and garter belt and asks if they might be more convincing. He says yes.

She puts them on over her pantyhose and he goes back to fucking her legs and thighs. She keeps asking if he likes her pantyhose and if he’ll sign. She asks if he’s about to finish and he says yes. she stops him and grabs his dick.

“You don’t get to cum unless you sign, but I’ll let you cum on my pantyhose”.

She is now sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling off and she crosses them. She hands him the contract to sign and as he is doing so she is jerking him off into her pantyhosed thighs.