Submerged: Step-Sisters in Love


Pepper and Odette are step-sisters that have fallen for each other and want to express their feelings underwater. 25 min



After the montage, the scene opens to find Pepper lounging in the hot tub adjacent to the pool. She’s joined by Odette, having just come home from work. Pepper is a little leary of sharing the jacuzzi with her sister, considering the debauchery of the past few weeks, and the fact that Odette is wearing a rather skimpy red string bikini. The two step-sisters reassure each other that they’re both fully capable of sharing the warm water without sex being the result. However, the longer they’re together, the harder it becomes for them to remain in control of their passion for each other (fueled by the intense and very fresh memories they share from their mothers’ recent visit). Unable to restrain herself any longer, being tormented by the sight of “little Odette” in that red bikini, Pepper starts to make a move, only to be surprised to find Odette moving in on her, and the two almost meet in the middle. There’s a brief tense pause, with each sister realizing this is their opportunity to walk away from what’s about to happen. It takes only an instant for the two of them to make their decision…

Finding the jacuzzi too constraining to contain their growing passion, the sisters’ intense desire for each other spills them over into the pool, proper. It seems as if even the brief act of getting out of the jacuzzi and getting into the pool is too long a time for them not to be pleasuring each other, but somehow they manage to pry themselves apart long enough to grab some goggles. As soon as they hit the water of the pool, though, they can’t keep their hands (or anything else) off each other as they take the action under the surface. Once underwater, it’s a free for all, with each sister trying to gain the “upper hand” in their love play over the other. Considering that in the past few weeks Pepper and Odette have borne the onslaught of their mothers’ sexual attentions, always finding themselves on the “defensive”, so to speak, they each now try to maintain a dominance over the other, straining to hold back their own climaxes in the hopes of making their sister cum first. Like step-mothers, like step-daughters, so it would seem…