Professional Deviants 3: Business Affairs


Law firm receptionist Kat is deflecting her co-worker Kira’s advances, even after a night of passion over the weekend. Kat claims to not remember their tryst, but Kira is determined to jog her memory.

Caught in an embarrassing cunnilingus conundrum, the girls are confronted by India, their boss. She instructs them to continue what they were doing but she needs to supervise. Turned on by what she sees, she soon joins them.
38 min

Kat Dior, India Summer, Kira Noir in office lesbian threesome
Kat is a receptionist sitting behind a desk. She is dressed professionally. She has a laptop on the desk in front of her.

Kira enters and slowly comes up to the desk. We have a close up of Kat’s face. She recognizes Kira, but she frowns. She not angry. It’s like she just doesn’t want to speak to Kira.

Kira comes behind the desk and sit on the counter/table so there’s no way Kat can ignore her. Kira is smiling. Beaming almost.

Kira: (crossing her legs and looking at Kat who is just inches away from her): Good morning, beautiful.

Kat: (still frowning. A mixture of embarrassment and uncertainty is all over her face) Morning, Kira.

Kira: I was thinking about you all day yesterday. I couldn’t wait until Monday morning rolled around. I haven’t been this excited to come to work in months.

Kat: (she looks at the computer screen like she’s trying to ignore Kira) Huuummm.

Kira: Why haven’t you been returning my calls?

Kat: (still looking at the computer screen) I…I…I’ve been busy. I had things to do.

Kira: I wanted to kiss you good morning yesterday, but when I woke up you were already gone. I would have made you breakfast. (Kira leans over to run her finger down Kat’s upper arm)

Kat: (she reacts like she was hit with an electric shock. She instantly stands up, pushing the office chair away and jumping away from Kira) Whoa. Kira. No. Stop. You’re really invading my personal space.

Kira: Saturday night you had no problem with my fingers and tongue invading all of your personal spaces.

Kat: That was…I was…I was drunk. I don’t remember half of what went on that night. Someone probably slipped something in my drink.

Kira: (still smiling. sliding off the desk and coming toward Kat) Don’t be silly, honey. You asked me to come with you to that bar. You were afraid of being alone. (She takes both of Kat’s hands in her hands. Kat allows Kira to hold her hands, but pure fear is on her face.) No one put anything in your drink. And after an hour of sitting there drinking all of those (cosmos) you looked over at me and said “I’m tired of wasting my time trying to pick up some guy. What I want is sitting right across from me.”

Kat: Kira…I don’t really remember what happened that night.

Kira: What I remember is having some of the best orgasms of my life. I’ve never had sex like that before. When I took a shower Sunday morning I saw your teeth marks all over my tits. And you scratched me good, girl. You raked your nails all over my ass and back.

Kat: (still nervous, looking around for some way to get out of there) I…I…don’t remember doing that to you.

Kira: Have you checked yourself in the mirror lately? I’ll bet you can find some of my bites and hickeys on your body. (looks at Kat with concern) What’s the matter, baby? You look stressed. You need to sit down.

Kat: No, no. I’m fine. Really I am.

Kira: (she pulls up the office chair) Come sit right down. You need to relax, honey.

(Kira pushes the seated Kat up to the edge of the desk/table)

Kira: Now you just be the good budget analyst we all know and love. And I’m going to do my best to make you feel good. (Kira gets down on her hands and knees and gets underneath the desk)

Kat: Kira! What are you doing? Get out from under there.

Kira: (view from underneath the desk/we see Kira inches away from Kat’s knees) I’m going to do you like you did me. (Kira starts to lick Kat knees/she’s wearing a skirt)

Kat is looking around wildly hoping no one walks in. Oh my God, Kira. Stop. We can’t do this here. Someone’s going to walk in on us. (Kat tries to push Kira’s head away,but Kira is closing in on Kat’s pussy, kissing and nibbling at her thighs along the way. Kira’s face is mixture of fear and arousal.

Kat: Kira, please stop.

The phone on the table rings. Kira is still trying to push Kira from between her legs. The phone keeps ringing

Kira: (between licks) Don’t you think you should answer the phone?

Kat answers the phone and looks at the digital display

Kat: Hello? India? (another shot of Kira licking Kat’s thighs) No…no…ahh…I haven’t seen…Kira. Yes…yes…uhh. Ohh. Me?…I’m okay…I just think…ohh…I’m going to…sneeze. Okay…goodbye. Goddamn you, Kira.

Kat takes Kira’s head between her hands and looks down into her eyes) That was India. She’s looking for you. And she’s pissed. She said something about you were supposed to call building maintenance about the air conditioning.”

India comes in. She’s dressed in a skirt and jacket and black stockings and high heels. Her hair is up in a bun. She’s holding a manila file. She is preoccupied with a file and isn’t noticing Kira under the table. Kat pushed Kira’s head back down and looks at India.

India: Kira’s not at her cubicle. Where is that girl? The air conditioning has been out for two hours now and this place is turning into an oven.

Kira starts playfully biting her teeth into Kat inner thighs.

Kat reacts with an audible groan. She now has a shocked look on her face as she knows the jig is up

India: Kat, what’s the matter with you? (India comes around the desk and sees Kira) Kira! Get out from under there. What the hell…? (India sees Kat’s skirt pushed up and realizes what Kira was doing. Kira stands by the seated Kat. Both women look totally ashamed.) Well, I see you two have a very close relationship.

Kira: We’re lovers.

Kat: No we’re not. India…

India holds up her index finger-silencing Kat. In a calm and controlled voice:

India: What you two do on your own time is your own business. However, when you come to work, I expect you two to do your jobs. I’m not paying you to have sexual relations when you should be getting the air conditioning fixed.

India: And I don’t stand for my own employees lying to me.

Kira: (in a quiet voice) Are we going to be fired?

India: (she straightens her jacket and composes herself) No. I’m not going to fire you two. I’m a tolerant employer and have no issues with same sex relations in the workplace-

Kat: (interrupting India) India, I’m not–

India: (holding up her index finger, again silencing Kat) I also realize that if you two don’t do it now, I’ll probably never get any work out of either of you since you’ll both be so hot and bothered for each other. So, Kira, get down on your knees and finish what you’ve started.

A wide grin appears on Kira’s face and she starts to get down on her knees in front of Kat

Kat: India, I’m not–

India: Kat, I’m going to allow you two to have sex. But only under my supervision. I would hate to think of what kind of mischief you two could get into if I left you both alone. (Kira spreads apart Kat’s legs and begins eating her out)

There is a look of apprehension on Kat’s face, but slowly disappears as Kira continues to eat her out. Soon Kat is moaning. She starts running both of her hands through Kira’s hair. Kira is pushing up Kat’s skirt with one hand. With her other, she intertwines here fingers with one of Kat’s hands. India puts her folder down on the desk. She crosses her arms and leans against the edge of the desk with a wry smile on her face as he watches Kira eat out Kat.

India: I bet that feels good, doesn’t it, Kat.

Kat continues to moan out loud. Kira starts licking Kat’s pussy more aggressively. She drags Kat’s ass to the edge of the office chair and puts one of her legs over the arm rest of her chair to get better access to her pussy. For her part, Kat puts one of her legs over Kira’s back, rubbing it up and down. Kat starts rubbing her breasts. India is starting to get aroused. We see her slip her foot out of one of her heels, and slowly start to run her toes over the calf of her other leg. We see her part her lips as she starts to breath harder. One of her hands starts to cup one of her breasts. Her other hand is making its way underneath her skirts. Pretty soon, India is rubbing her pussy lips with her fingers.

India: Here, Kat, let me help you with that. (she starts unbuttoning Kat’s jacket and blouse. India starts to slowly caress Kat’s breasts through her bra. She stands behind Kat’s chair.) You are so beautiful. (India leans down and kisses Kat. Kat, for her part, reaches up and holds India’s head. They continue to kiss.

Kira looks up and sees Kat and India kissing. She gets up and looks at the two kissing women

Kira: Now you’re not going to leave me out of this are you?

India: (breaking the kiss the with Kat. She smiles at Kira) Feel free to join in.

The three woman start kissing, deeply and slowly. Kira is rubbing one of Kat’s breasts. India is rubbing Kat’s other breast. Kat’s hands are rubbing over Kira and India’s bodies.

India: Ladies…maybe we should take our clothes off?

Kira takes Kat’s hand and helps her out of her chair. Now all three women start to undress each other. As they slowly undress, each of them slowly kiss or playfully bite at each other’s exposed skin. Once Kat’s jacket, blouse, and bra are off, India quickly takes a lick at her shoulder blade and then takes a quick bite at Kat’s shoulder. India is smiling like a schoolgirl. Kat gently pinches one of Kira’s nipples and kisses her on the cheek. Kira playfully slaps one of India’s butt cheeks, India lets out a startled scream. Their clothes are all scattered over the floor. Maybe all they have on is their thigh high stockings. All three of them come together to share a slow, gentle threeway kiss while their hands slowly glide and caress each others bodies.

India: (leaning close to Kat’s ear) Kira’s a beautiful woman isn’t she? (Kat and Kira stare into each other’s eyes. Kat just nods her head. She’s breathing heavily. Pure lust is on her face.) Maybe you’d like to taste her? Would you like to do that?

Kat: (breathlessly) Hell yes.

Kat drops to her knees and starts eating out Kira who is standing there. Meanwhile, India stands behind Kira. India slowly runs her fingertips over Kira’s stomach. Her other hand reaches around and starts to cup Kira’s breasts. India’s fingernails slowly circle around Kira’s bellybutton and stomach. It almost looks like India is playing a musical instrument. India is also licking Kira’s earlobe and side of her neck.

India: That’s tongue feels good, doesn’t it? You like it deep inside of you? You skin is so smooth.

With Kat’s tongue and India’s dirty talking, Kira has a screaming orgasm as she grips Kat’s hair with both hands. Keep in mind that the air conditioning is still off, so from now on, all three women are starting to get sweaty. Eventually by the end of the scene, all of them will be shiny with sweat, including their hair.

After Kira’s orgasm, Kat gets off of her knees and stands up. Kat pushed Kira back onto the desk. Both women start pushing things off of the desk to make room. India stands back, rubbing her pussy with one hand, squeezing her tits with the other. Kira lays back on top of the desk. Kat gets on top of Kira and the two start kissing passionately. We see Kira’s hands clawing down Kat’s back. India starts to slowly bite and suck on both of Kat’s ass cheeks. Then she follows this up by spanking Kat’s ass. Then India takes one of Kira’s legs and lift it straight until her foot is pointing at the ceiling and starts licking it, starting at the thigh, up the back of her knees, up the calf, until she reaches Kira’s foot. Kat is holding Kira’s face in both of her hands. The two continue to kiss each other passionately. India now holds one of Kira’s foot in both of her hands. She slowly drags the tip of her index finger down the sole of her foot. This drives Kira crazy. India continues to tickle/massage Kira’s foot. She soon is pushing both of the tips of her thumbs into the center portion of Kira’s foot. It’s like she’s doing some kind of reflexology massage on Kira. Whatever she’s doing, it’s driving Kira to the point of orgasm. India does the same thing to Kira’s other foot. Occasionally, India licks or sucks on Kira’s toes. We have a close up of India’s fingertips/thumbtips pushing into the soles of Kira’s feet.

India: You two aren’t thinking about leaving your boss out of the action, are you?

Kat gets off of Kira. Kat and India start kissing. Kira is still on the desk recovering from her orgasms. India starts kissing down Kat’s neck. She then starts fingering Kat’s pussy with three, then four of her fingers. She then brings Kat to an orgasm. India then pulls her fingers from Kat’s pussy and inserts them into Kat’s mouth

India: (whispering into Kat’s ear) Taste yourself.

India pushes her fingers into Kat’s mouth. After some seconds of sucking, India pulls her fingers out of Kat’s mouth and starts wiping them over Kat’s face. Then India starts to French kiss Kat. India then guides Kat to the love seat next to the desk and pushes her down on it. India then takes Kira’s hand and pulls her off of the desk. Kira and India start to kiss. Just like she did with Kat, India starts making her way down Kira’s neck and tits, kissing all long the way. While she is doing the kissing, she’s fingering Kira with four fingers, bringing Kira to an orgasm. Then India sticks her fingers in Kira’s mouth making her taste herself. And then she starts wiping her spit soaked fingers over Kira’s face. Meanwhile, Kat is watching the other two while she spreads her legs wide and starts fingering herself.

After Kira has her orgasm, India goes over to the sofa. She gets on the sofa and, facing the camera, positions her pussy over Kat’s head. So while India is getting her pussy eaten out, Kira gets down on her knees and starts eating out Kat. Eventually, all three women have orgasms. After this, with all three models hot and sweaty, Kat and India sofa/couch/loveseat, sit on the floor and start rubbing their pussies together (tribbing), while Kira is on the couch playing with herself.

Finally, Kira can’t take it anymore and joins in, by rubbing her pussy on India’s leg. Kira grabs India’s hair, pulls her hair back and licks and kisses India’s neck. All of the women are kissing each other and grabbing and clawing each other’s bodies. They all have another round of orgasms and then collapse upon each other exhausted.

India: Fun time is over, young lady. Get yourself cleaned up and dressed and phone up someone to get the air conditioning working in this office. (Kira looks over at Kat) You too, Kat. Make yourself presentable. And remember to keep your love life at home. Don’t bring it to the office.

With that, India gathers up her clothes and walks out of the room. Kira and Kat smile at each other and kiss and then get up and begin searching for their clothes and putting them on.