Vajenga! The Lap of Luxury


Two employees work for a luxury concierge service called ‘Lap of Luxury’. The company provides unique services requested from their wealthy and influential clients – a dinner companion to take to the opera and maybe more afterwards, a nuru massage in your office before your board meeting – and so on. These women are at the top of their field and are therefore being rewarded with the kind of high quality service their clients enjoy. 45 min

Juliette sets up the conference call with the Boss on the other end, explaining the situation:

I’m terribly sorry I could not be there in person. I’ve been called away for a very important contract meeting. I’d really like to “cuntgratulate” you myself. You have done exceptional work for ‘Lap of Luxury’. As the world’s premier luxury concierge service, we are proud to serve all of our clients needs discreetly and completely, whatever they may be.

The two of you have been the most effective salespeople the company has ever seen, and this session is to reward you for your sterling efforts. I know it may seem strange that my email instructed you to attend without any panties on, but it all will become very clear. Close your eyes and meditate on the scent…stop to smell the roses.

It’s amazing how wonderful flowers can make you feel, isn’t it? It’s time to relax & let yourselves go, after all your amazing work!

I’ve always been curious about what your pussies taste like. I want you to describe it to me in detail.

You have to admit that you women are least three times as good at licking pussy. Women can give a much more intense orgasm and make you wetter than you’ve ever been.

Reviews said these girls had the most talented tongues in the entire world. One just flew in yesterday, all the way from Madgascar