Executive Pantyhose: Mona Wales / Dana DeArmond


Mona Wales is a high powered executive looking for a new assistant. However, she has some unusual requests of her new hire, Dana DeArmond. 33 min

Dana Dearmond Mona Wales Executive Assistant: Strapon, lesbian office sex
Mona: I want to let you know that the job is yours

Dana: Oh my god. That’s amazing.

Mona: I’ve picked you from a long list of talented young women that came for the interview.

Dana: I will not disappoint you. I will work as hard as you want me to.

Mona: I’ve read your resume; I know you are the right fit for the position. Before we go forward though, I will need you to sign a non-disclosure form. I will be discussing sensitive issues from now on.

Mona hands Dana form to sign. Without hesitation, she signs.

Mona: Okay Dana, thank you for doing that. Okay now as part of your position you will receive an apartment in my building, which you will own even if you leave the company, a brand new car each year, full health and dental, a clothing budget and your salary will start in six figures

Dana: This is all very generous. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Mona: With these benefits, though you will have to work hard. You will be working with me for long hours. We will be travelling a lot. I will need you to do things for me at any time of day.

Dana: Can I ask what those things might entail?

Mona: (reading from list) you’ll be controlling my work and social diary, talking to suppliers, getting my lunch, late night tampon runs, eating my pussy, getting my dry cleaning, etc.

Dana: (looking shocked) Wait, hang on a minute could you go back a bit?

Mona: (looking like nothing shocking has been said) Yeah, I’m going to need you to get my dry cleaning. I can get quite busy and I sometimes forget to do that.

Dana: No, the thing you said before that.

Mona: (Looking again at her list) Oh you mean eating my pussy.

Dana: (still shocked) that’s the one. You want me to lick your pussy?

Mona: Not only that Dana. I also want you to lick my nipples, eat my ass, fuck me in my ass or pussy with a strap on, use my Hitachi on me, fist me, 69 me. Anything to get me to cum whenever or wherever we are

Dana: Whoa. I really don’t know about this.

Mona: Don’t worry Dana. You won’t be left out. I will bang you like a long shore man whenever you want.

Dana still cannot believe what she’s hearing, maybe looking slightly scared.

Mona: Can I ask if you shave down there?

Dana: Um

Mona: It doesn’t make a difference to me whether you shave or not. I like a hairy pussy as much as the next girl does. All I ask is if you could keep yourself trimmed. I don’t want stubble rash when I’m sucking on your clit.

Dana: Wow (slightly unnerved)

Mona: (Saying with a sexy smile) I’m nicely shaven. I hope you like it.

Mona: (Looking at Dana’s outfit) can I ask if you’re wearing panties?

Dana: Yes. I always do.

Mona: Well I have a rule in the office that no one wears underwear while they work for the company. Can you take them off for me?

Dana: Here? What if someone comes in?

Mona: It’s okay. The doors locked.

Dana hesitantly stands up, pulls her skirt up and pulls her panties down.

Mona: Thanks Dana. Now remember no more panties at work. Could you hand them to me?

Dana hands her panties to Mona who takes a long sniff them puts them in the bin.

Mona: I notice that you have bare legs. Do you ever wear pantyhose?

Dana: Not really.

Mona: I will be asking you to wear hose as part of your outfit for working here. I prefer this manufacturer, and style. I wear them myself

Mona hands Dana a pair of Wolford Fatal 20’s pantyhose.

Mona: They should be your size. Could you please put them on? You might find it easier taking your skirt off first.

Dana hesitantly stands up, Removes her skirt, removes hose from packet and puts them on. Puts skirt back on. Seems to like the feel of the nylon on her skin.

Mona: I like how the material feels against my pussy when I walk. I’m sure you’ll like it too. I like how I can see through the gusset. You can sit across from me when we’re in meetings and Sharon Stone me. The idea of secretly looking at your wet cunt when there are other people around is exciting to me.

Dana gets up to walk around in her new hose. She seems to be getting turned on by the nylon against her skin (rubbing hers legs and sneaks a hand under her skirt for a moment).

Mona: How do you like them?

Stands up and walks across the room to Dana. Rubs her hands on her legs. Puts her hand up her skirt between her legs.

Mona: Are you getting wet for me?

Mona French kisses Dana deeply, and lovingly. The sexy shenanigans begin