The Swing


Ella Nova has a secret she wants to show off to her man. 30 min

Ella Nova Sex Swing
Ella and Nathan arrive home from a romantic day out. Still in their dreamy bliss, Ella whispers to him about a special present she wants to show him. They venture inside to see that it’s a love swing, already set up.

They inspect the swing and begin kissing. Nathan is excited to see what she’s planned and is overtaken with lust. He grabs her and starts kissing Ella passionately.

He lays her into the swing and kisses her all over her body as he puts her legs into the stirrups. He undresses and begins to pay attention to her erogenous zones.

Ella sits him in the swing and returns the favor by giving a sensual blowjob.

With her legs back in the stirrups, he puts it in. They utilize the swing as best as they can, using multiple positions to achieve the most pleasure possible.