Catfight – Mistress vs Wife


Jay has received a call from her husbands mistress. The mistress has confessed to an affair and explains that Jay is no longer needed and that she will be taking over. This sets the stage for a monumental showdown. Who will win this fight to the finish? 20 min


Catfight Custom Video Featuring Odette Delacroix and Jay Taylor. The wife is getting ready to go out and meet her husband for an important business dinner (in a top, skirt and heels). She gets a phone call from another woman (mistress). Mistress tells the wife she’s going to meet the wife’s husband at dinner, and he’ll be forced to introduce her as his wife to his important business colleagues to avoid embarrassment. He has always kept her as a secret and now the mistress wants to be more. Mistress tells the wife that there’s no one who can stop her from going.

The wife, feeling the need to defend her marriage, threatens the mistress. The mistress challenges the wife and says she’s not woman enough to stop her. Wife angrily accepts.

Wife walks in on a waiting mistress (also in a top, skirt and heels). They both look each other up and down after meeting for the first time. Some heated words are exchanged while they circle each other. Mistress reveals that this was her plan all along. She knew her lover would never leave his wife so the only way to be with him was to get his wife out of the picture for the most important night of the husband’s career; the last thing his potential business partners wanted to see was a man with a complicated love life.

Wife lunges at mistress and the fight begins. Both women grab two hands full of hair at first. They shuffle around and during the struggle their heels get kicked off (both are now barefoot). The fight scene is back and forth with both gaining advantage at times throughout the fight.

The fight ends when Mistress is finally able to straddle the wife and wrap both hands around her throat. The wife bucks and tries to pry away Mistress’ hands but to no avail. Wife struggles for about 1 minute before slowly succumbing to the chokehold. After wife is out the mistress throttles and shakes the wife for a bit longer before relaying a bitch comment and prepares to leave for her date.