Who are you?

CustomFetishVideos.com provides custom videos to private collectors, fans and interested clients that are looking for very high quality fetish videos. Our production company is called Anatomik Media. We are located in Los Angeles, CA providing specialized adult and fetish content to webmasters, magazines, etc. Our main focus is to provide a fun and easy way to fulfill your innermost fantasies and a way for fetish video collectors to have something made just for them.

How much is a custom video?

Depending on the request, we have several different packages to fit all kinds of budgets. Before we can give an accurate quote, we will ask you for all of the details you can provide so we can get an idea of how our production will go. Model type, actions performed, props needed, etc all help in determining the time and cost involved in producing your shoot.

We are capable of handling everything from solo/POV scenes to larger budget productions with 20+ actors. Not sure if we can do what you need? Just ask! We like to work with our clients to determine the best way for them to get their video produced.

Custom video pricing information

How do I pay?

Accepted payment methods are Bank wire, Square Up, Square Cash, Bitcoin (credit card), Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Payoneer & Paxum. Contact us to see if your preferred method is available. Usually a deposit of 50%-100% is required. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis.

How do I get my video?

Completed videos are downloaded from our server.

How long will it take to shoot my custom?

Shooting times vary – sometimes we can turn a shoot around in a few days, sometimes it takes a few weeks or more. It mostly depends on the model availability and schedules. Being flexible on the model types often helps in getting a video quicker. Regardless of time, you are always updated on when your shoot will occur. Turnaround after the shoot is usually 3-5 days.

What model is available for my custom?

We have a variety of talent available to us from fetish models to adult performers and porn stars. Our models directory is available upon request.

Can I upload the video for my friends to watch?

When you commission a custom video, you are paying solely for the right to watch the video. While we understand if you want to show the video to your friends as a fun thing to do on a Saturday night – uploading to tubes, sharing on social media, making copies for distribution, etc is prohibited.

What rights do I have to my video?

Private custom clients do not receive any documents related to the shoot, ID’s or any other identifying paperwork. Unless otherwise discussed, Anatomik Media retains the rights to all custom videos and any video created could be used in a compilation, sold on our website or sold to another entity. Please contact us for details if you need an exclusive video.

Can I get it in this format?

Custom video shoots will come in the format of your choice. We tend to output mostly mp4 but you can have any format you need.

Can I send props to use in my custom?

Yes, we are able to accept wardrobe and prop items mailed to us.