How much does a custom fetish video cost?

How much does a custom fetish video cost?

How much does a custom fetish video cost? That’s a great question and something we are asked every day. Since there is no simple answer, maybe we can shed some light on the subject and explain the mechanics of pricing our custom videos.

Some fetish producers and models charge per minute, some charge by the project. We are in the latter camp, with a project-based workflow and a comprehensive, client oriented approach. This just means that we take our customer service very seriously. We’re not just a random auto-generated form that you fill in with your details, pay, and wait for your custom video to be produced, hoping you get what you asked for. We are actual people, here with you every step of the way.

We have a general rate list for basic custom videos, but sometimes a number of factors can have an effect on the price. You might be wondering what goes in to the pricing of your custom? Here’s an overview of the top factors we consider when pricing your video request:

Custom Video Rates

#1 Model rates – The main factor in the cost of our videos are the talent rates. Every model has a different set of pricing for everything that they will do, so that can cause the cost of the scene to vary.

#2 Acts – These are the actions that you would like to see the models perform. From simple 15 minute clips of bare feet, walking in pudding, all the way to 90 minute furry gangbangs – everything has a different price.

#3 Model types / # of models – Amateur models, fetish girls and pornstars… the model types requested sometimes play a factor in the rate, especially when we are booking agency represented talent. Also weighing in on that are the number of models you want in your scene.

#4 Availability – If we are already scheduled to shoot a model, chances are good that you can get a custom with her at a discounted rate. Check our models directory or get on the newsletter for a list of the models we are shooting each month.

#5 Popularity – The more client requests we have for a particular model, the more likely we are to shoot her for a great rate.

Props may also play a role in the rate, when needed, but we take that on a case-by-case basis. Other factors that can also determine cost include wardrobe, any special locations, extra people, extra long scenes, etc.

Hope this helps!