Actually, there are some fetishes we don't produce

Actually, there are some fetishes we don't produce

We have been asked to do a lot of really interesting things over the years we’ve been producing custom videos. Some of them are funny, some are confusing and some are just scary. There is a lot of talk on the site about all of the things we can do. How about a little bit of info on some of the fetishes that we can’t shoot or won’t.

We do get asked for certain things from time to time that we’re not comfortable with or won’t do because of the legality of it. It’s not that we judge the ones that are looking for this kind of thing, it’s just our choice not to participate. First of all, we will NEVER EVER produce anything illegal in the US. If you’re looking for something and not sure, just ask!

We only shoot the human species. No animal of any sort. When aliens are finally proven to exist on Earth and it has been declared OK to sexualize one of sound mind and body – only then will we consider producing a video starring someone not of human origin. And even so, they will have to show proof of ID. That will be fun – “Yes, I’m technically 2000 Earth years old….”

That brings up another topic. Age. We will NEVER imply, suggest, or insinuate that a model is not of legal age. EW! Not touching it.

We will NEVER produce a video that features a living being getting stepped on by a model if that living being can’t say the phrase ‘Yes I want to be stepped on by a model’. I don’t even want to write the words to describe some things we’ve been asked to have models step on but I think you get the picture. We won’t do it at all!

We have done many scenes of things – tongues, fingers, vibrating apparatus, penises, etc. – going INTO models butts. Things coming OUT of the butt, not so much. So any fetishes that start with an ‘S’ and end in ‘cat’ are out. Sorry!

We also get asked to do diaper scenes on occasion. We used to do them but our billing processor frowned upon our plans to start accepting credit cards on our site while also featuring that sort of work. Maybe they just don’t understand…but we have to play by the rules and so they are not available on our site either.

Hope that answers some of your questions!